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And 45 powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white Think red Today Preston Washington has both of their players that are dealing with concussions back on the football field participating in position drills running back JD mckissick missed the game in Las Vegas linebacker Jamie Davis getting hurt in that game Burgundy and gold finished the season with 5 straight division contests rob wood fork Every single game from here on out is winnable They're all obviously we've been talking about it all season to 5 straight division games They can be the NFC east it's any given Sunday in the NFL just point blank but especially when you talk about division games So those can go either way So I could see Washington losing out I could see Washington winning out He did not say they could go to one and two which W two P sports anchor did check out the D.C. sports huddle on WT dot com the podcast D.C. apple or wherever you get your podcasts Thursday Night Football has Pittsburgh visiting Minnesota the Vikings are a three point favorite at home Dave Preston WTF sports Thank you Dave Coming up on wt A mother attacked an eastern market now speaking out I'm Matt small 1217 The NFL was nearing the playoffs and week 14 gives us a big divisional rematch between the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens FanDuel sportsbooks about to make it even bigger because they're giving new customers 30 to one odds on either team to get the dub That means you can win $150 on a $5 bet Even though Lamar Jackson hasn't been outstanding as of late he's still better than Baker Mayfield so I like the ravens to win with a lean to the under What do you think If you're already a FanDuel sports book.

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