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Build Your own home tool, then meter has made buying easier than ever before. Visit van Meter homes dot com slash move. I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o P Traffic Storm Team four's Lauren Records were tracking some showers this morning and on alert for what might be on the way later today. Yeah, We are seeing those showers right now. We will continue with some rain here and there a cz. We continue through the next hour or two. It start to break up a little bit, and and that was to be expected. Ah, and we're starting to see maybe pops of son. We don't want that because that's only going to fuel the atmosphere a little bit more. Tio, pull out some of the moisture from the storms and get them going on and they could be a little strong severe, So let's break it down. We have the rain showers this morning. They're breaking up right now. From now, until about five o'clock. We're gonna have a chance for not only a few showers. But also a few breaks in the sky, as well as some storms that are developed and some of these during this time frame until about five o'clock could be strong. Severe damaging winds may be a brief tornado possible heavy rains that could lead to localize flooding. Now not everybody gonna see it. I think the best mischance is going to be I 95 points east, but we still have a chance area. Why, but again just concentrate on 95 points east. We'll have that best chance after five PM, rapid clearing and we will see maybe lingering showers, especially close to Coastline. But for the most part, the rain will be done. The humidity lowers temperatures in the eighties today, but by tomorrow low eighties plenty of sun much lower humidity Tomorrow. Tomorrow's going to be absolutely gorgeous Temperatures now 78 with some rain here in D. C. Baltimore, it's 75 called Pepper's 77. Brought to you by new Look home design. Find out why 30,000 homeowners have chosen new look to do their roof. 10 21, a film star who was a Howard University graduate, has died. Although.

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