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I don't want to skip over the part that you've got the new book coming out beginning again. James ball when america in urging the lessons of our own. Ns month. there's dog that's my man. And i just love jimmy bomber man when you think about geologists is crazy like it's just the power of what he can do. A words is like some people like you look at mohammed ali. What he can do with his fist. But this man can do that with words not just cut beneath the scandal. We could see it would cut the flesh. What is your book going to be a barrel so in some ways what i was trying to do is to figure out so jimmy live long enough to see them kill martin. He lived long enough to see that the That the hopes of the civil rights movement were betrayed. You know and there's a line that comes out of his last novel. Just above my head. and i'm paraphrasing. He says you know when when the dream was shattered and people scattered some lost their minds some went to jail and he says responsibility isn't loss. Responsibility is and if one refuses abdication than one begins again and so jimmy is writing in a moment when the country has turned its back on this rights movement. The backlit white backlash has happened and he sees ronald reagan on the horizon. He sees another words all the things that will lead up to trump today. And so i wanted to write about how he responded to that moment of betrayal. Because we're living in a moment of betrayal of our own and so most folk will go and read jimmy's Read The fire next time and i'm like no no go rideau name in the street. The bouquet wrote in one thousand nine hundred seventy two and it's a.

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