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Street. They don't know what to do, but they can't get loose. And I think that in the election next year this is going to badly hurt Republicans in Texas as a as a conservative. I realize you're in Bangor, Maine, but, uh you know, so you may not be all of that up on Texas politics, but you know, what are your thoughts on that? Well, my thoughts are that the, um the whole concept of whether abortion should exist or not exist is going to go on. For the indefinite future. And I think that this is this particular statute is going to cause some concern, particularly in terms of female vote, even even in Texas. But the fact is that The nation is going to have to it sometime, confront the notion that either we're going to amend the constitution and not have abortion or we're going to continue to have abortion and then try to figure out What are the accepted? Well, Michael, we've already had that We've already had that debate. And, you know? No. I think I agree by the way with Phyllis Schlafly and I make this case. In my book, The Hidden History of the Supreme Court of the Betrayal of America that had the Supreme Court not ruled in 73 in Row V. Wade. At that point in time there were abortion was already legal in multiple states. Had they not ruled on in Roe v. Wade. And this is the height of the women's movement, right? This was because the birth control pill was legalized in 1961. And so you had the kind of free love of the sixties And then you had the women's movement there really kicked off in the late sixties and early seventies had they not ruled. Eventually, pretty much every state with legalized abortion, and we just never would have had all this polarization and these huge knockdown drag outs that the Supreme Court overstepped their power, Frankly, in my opinion, and Phyllis Schlafly's opinion And that that decision was a mistake. Now they disagree. But can I tell you? Why? What marriage is hanging Just second. Michael. Let me just finish this thought. And then you can tell me anything You want. Um, the opposite argument for that is that because of that road decision, probably hundreds, and maybe thousands.

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