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Cable or are they at the bar in that case it was a he and we were adding nightclub look this huge as was an opening of efficiently party and so it's just it's a lot of leg tall handsome brownhaired dudes lying around you noting the yin and hadn't been dating rail and i think it than like a month and so i didn't really have and he's very i dunno luke there are a lot of attractive brownhaired people they're what am i going to do with that so he said that had like rushed possum leg not seeing him and huge nobakht as soon as a really offended but you know what am i gonna do you you you said that you already had like this story written and ready to go yeah and so i mean why why is that something that you can't really put out there while because people i dunno i feel like i feel like no one would the main thing with this is like a not wanting to make people feel uncomfortable insignificant and also like it's just i don't know it's it's it's typical it's difficult and i'm talking about all of this in it but it's just stringing shia you do you think that people can like benefit from reading something like this so no no it's like my apology had the whole world ray right yes absolutely because i think this is uh i think so the underlying assumption here is that no one will believe you but i believe you i mean not at the very least because you're here talking to us about it and it seems like something that you're struggling with but also because it seems entirely possible and like it would be devastating to have well.

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