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We are about six weeks into winter on halfway through not much snow to now, but that is all about to change and nor'easters heading our way. This is a pretty classic track. Energy that reaches the appellations turns into a coastal low that cloak low climbs the coastline and it looks like this will develop on Monday, early afternoon, the steadiest Monday evening into Monday night and still stay with us on Tuesday before winding down, WBZ TV meteorologist Eric Fisher will check our actual the forecast for the weekend and into Early next week in just a few minutes. So here it comes. It's a nor'easter. But this weekend, it's the bitter cold. We really have to worry about his WBC. Sherry small were now more than a month into the official winter season, and so far it's been pretty mild, but not so this weekend and into next week. Snow is on the way, but it is the windshield. That's the big factor here a times the actuator real field temperatures dipped below zero, then up to the single digits and teens potentially dangerous conditions to be outside for any flame. The time we have people who lose every one of their fingers and parts of their hands and similarly of the feet. Dr. Stuart Harris for Mass General's Emergency Department says he's seen the bitter cold cause Frostbite If you're out in this sufficiently cold, and you're not taking efforts to protect yourself, then you can lose your life. But you can certainly lose miss Classically your hands and feet is the best way to protect yourself is to dress appropriately and in layers. You got the right clothing you can climb to the top of Denali or Everest and be just fine. Where is if.

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