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Radio goes one on one with Elton John to reflect on a day in the life of writing and producing the goodbye yellow brick road album in France we will stay to the shadow and bedrooms along with my producer Gus Dudgeon and Bernie who wrote the lyrics and I used to get up and sametime is burning I went down to breakfast but it would be typing Benny tai ping not but it's open and he would give me a lyric and I would have my breakfast and I would have a console wonder over to electric piano we had our instruments set up with round the breakfast table the guitar and bass and dubstep drum kits and electric piano on the Mike and I would sit down and write a song to those lyrics the pens then collide wait the band up because I'll be playing and singing and they'd come down and have having their breakfast all before they start they would join in and we would write the songs right away after we finish we go straight over to the other side maybe right too but mostly one stop that I'll put this on and go off to the other side of the court yard to the studio and record the song and then right in the studio keep listening to I heart radio for more Elton John in all your favorite artists Wednesday look for rain and some thunderstorms from the mid Atlantic north into southern New England even a little snow in some parts of central Pennsylvania in the higher terrain of West Virginia showers and rain Delaware south to the Carolina coast and a few showers for northern Florida as well most of the central U. S. free of rain on Wednesday the only exception is the mid to upper Mississippi River valley where little rain will fall Great Lakes states in the fifties and sixties for Wednesday rain showers for the north west with some snow for the Bitterroot showers for central and western Montana Wednesday some snow in north central Idaho you're sixty six in Billings Montana very warm day on Wednesday in the southeast many cities eighty five to ninety cities such as San Antonio Houston New Orleans in Jacksonville Florida out west again a large supply of sun for California partly to mostly sunny San Diego to Los Angeles that's your national weather forecast Mike Ellis NBC news radio I here are the top John Mellencamp.

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