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So the only thing. I could think of that. Explains the extra push is that it's pushed by reflecting sunlight and for that it has to be very thin like a sale. And we're familiar with the salem. A bolt that is being pushed by the wind. The reflecting air and the same thing happens when light bounces off surface. It gives it the next report and where this is called the light sale and we are currently developing this technology for space exploration. It offers the advantage of not needing to carry the fuel. And so it's quite possible that what we saw technological artifact the light sale or or even just the surface layer of some technological spacecraft when you say technological artifacts and it's not like it would be like some sort of probe that's coming to look at. It's something that l. Something else created. That is passing by us right. It was created efficiently now. Nature doesn't produce such a thin structures. And you know other other. Astronomers took seriously those weird properties of this object tried to expand but all the scenarios that works suggested invoked the something that we have never seen before like football field sized chunk of frozen hydrogen hydrogen iceberg. We've never seen anything like it. Before and also it would have not survived. The journey and other sedition was. Maybe it's a cloud of dust. Sort of that is one hundred times less dense than air again. It would not likely survive the journey but anyone that tried to explain what we observed head to expand it in terms of something that we have never seen before and keep in mind this is the very first object that we we see visiting our solar system from outside and so i said you know if it's nothing that we have seen before why not contemplate the possibility that it's of artificial origin. Now the only people that claim business as usual of those that do not pay attention to the details of the evidence that we have. There are a lot of people who when you said that why not say that. It might be something of artificial origin. There are a lot of people who said that you know. The math doesn't add up a science. Isn't there the evidence isn't there. Natalie starkey analyzes comets and asteroids at the u. case open university and on the podcast.

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