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We're combining a number of, elements into our usual, program we're doing some archival stuff memory things you know. Things can popping, into, my, head. There is there is no way I could Begin to touch on, our cover. All of, what I think of the important things that have abled this program to thrive Because there's, so many different events there's, so many people, that have, been involved in starting down the road of trying, to remember them and it started the beginning your chronological order the minute you forget somebody Got problems you can't mention them all maybe it's better not to start, but then some of them, are so important, you have, to mention them Some hoping there's enough time left today to do as much. Of this as as I. Can because that's what anniversary days, are four remember Johnny Carson on his last. Show for the tonight show Made a point of saying this is not a performance show meaning number no guests no monologue. No, jokes no nothing it was it was strictly a recap Had had some. Highlights it had some heartfelt. Remembrances from Johnny Carson himself but he made a point of saying, that wasn't a performance and then that was not an anniversary it was his last show this is. An, anniversary show and parts of an art performance. Show but parts of an archival and Phil, would remember it's it's, what. I mean about combining these elements now here is the second half of the bite, this is from the rush to. Excellence tours. Stop in, nineteen nine. Nine I. Hadn't, even. Been in. New York a year yet Maybe maybe thirteen months it could have been a year But I don't think so Kept being pulled back to Sacramento because how important it was. In making this program. Possible here's the second part there's there's fifteen thousand people in the crowd here, what's called ARCO arena then This hit.

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