BOB, Washington Post, The New York Times discussed on The Mark Levin Show


You what i felt is the most important critical political scandal in the united states history and i said don't forget we're talking about the entire time we're talking about the obama team spying on the trump team how they set them up how they did it and i walk you through for the entire show the mechanics of how they did it now i i be completely candid modest with you i did not expect the feedback my email account almost blew up if it if that's even possible my iphone was smoking by the end of the next morning because i was stunned at how how many people did not have the details i provided i really honestly thought it was kind of common knowledge a lot of it it's up so what i'm gonna do for you two nyse american are redo that shows no need to do that you can listen to it but i am going to add some details on i'm going to highlight some points you have missed and what i'm going to do is i'm going to provide for you in case any of you 'cause i got this question a lot and forgive me i couldn't answer all of you i'm going to provide links to the media stories that were written on this so you've got this i know a lot of liberals listening to mark sharon are bob it's spy entropy just make it up you're conspiracy theorist okay is cnn partaking in this conspiracy the washington post the new york times because many of the links i use the guardian a leftwing newspaper mercy's may the lakeside use are those specific outlets talking about what i'm telling you so if i'm a conspiracy theorists than they were involved in the conspiracy to and you'll have to take them down with you so i'm going to provide these links i'm i'm my wife's working on it now to make it easy fourche gonna put it up on my website we're going to skull at the obama gate files so you can kind of foul along at home now before i go into this a little bit and i go back into some detail don't leave the radio for a second bomb this okay don't turn away don't do anything if you have to get out of your car put.

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