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Backed up rain tree a pass nippon's at circle and you're back in it before columbia road as you head in one twenty eight south you've got those on again off again delays pella road down through canton northbound grind from braintree up to route twenty four if you're heading off cape you'll want to know route six is backed up well over two miles for the sagamore bridge the bridge is down to one lane with ongoing work and along the canals sandwich road is jammed up a mile to the bourne bridge and a mile backup on run route twenty eight to the born as well big delays on four ninety five south it's backed up well before route eighty five down into franklin that's over eight miles of stop and go there's a crash a route one forty taking up the right lands now the pike westbound is stalled out allston brighton i'll towards the state police barracks out after route thirty as well eastbound delays one twenty eight back into newton and from allston brighton into the city let's get the latest on that route three situation with kristen eck in the mall frei insurance copter well bike remain slow route three northbound from just after one point eight burlington to treble cove road and bill record then after that it's crawling up at four ninety five that goes up to police activity going on before route for in chumsford kristen arkansas fra insurance copter the worst of one twenty eight is removed three up to route twenty eight in reading next report five twenty three with wbz's traffic on the threes move your career forward with an mba from colleges van loan school offering personal advising flexible schedules and affordable tuition available onsite in beverly and boston or online visit van loan dot endicott dot edu slash mba now the four day wbz accuweather would dave bowers just.

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