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Your retirement, really how you can take control of that financial future mentioned earlier if you have a 4._0._1._K IRA manage that protect yourself because you will will be the steward of your own money. Congratulations to those at one passive investing class, I'll be doing another giveaway in just a few moments your sauce. Stay tuned. L people are always asking during those those investing classes is about about time. Like how much time do I need to allocate. Steve mentioned, you know. It sounds simple. You do have to learn it. It's not hard. But it should be simple. And you got to have a strategy to do that. How much time do you need to put into trading can I fit into my lifestyle have a job. They don't want to sacrifice time with their families. But the big thing is they don't wanna go up to get another job. Basically sacrificing that time for money. No. I know we talk about the typical life in the day the trader in in how you become financial free. But I know you wanna talk about overcoming that fear. How do you overcome that fear? We mentioned the first sub segment how to set and forget, your trades. But why are we trained and conditioned to be afraid? Well, part you you hit on a just a while ago. You mentioned the what Wall Street does to earn their money in addition to trading for themselves, and by the way, the majority of what they earn comes from their trading. So they're out there trading every day. They're just trading different things than you are. But also the money that you invest with them you're paying fees on those maybe it's fees on the amount of assets. You have maybe you're just being individual commissions. But that's that's part of their bread and butter, and they want to make sure that you feel you can't do it on your own you need to have somebody that is a professional to do it. But look at what happened in two thousand and two thousand eight the people that were using finan-. Advisors were listening to the advice that Wall Street gave them they're losing money. You did not have to do that. If you know how to make money when the market's going down e but you have to be able to to identify when that's going to happen. So you can make the right choice. That's what a strategy that. We have we have a patent on. We called our core strategy. It is patented it is designed to show you when the trends change went price change changes in one of the reasons people don't do this on their own element. By the way, a lot of you think you aren't investing on your own are if you have a 4._0._1._K or for three you're making some decisions within those accounts because no longer are the companies that you work for responsible for what you have with a pension. Now, it's your responsibility. So you are investing, and the reason that people don't take more control is because of fear of the unknown. And that's understandable. We all of us fear something that we don't know, especially when it has something so significant as our finance. Future as part of it. But what we do. We do make it simple. We make it simple by having. You have a plan that is specific to you. But that plan will include a set of rules as part of our patented strategy and those rules will help you take the emotion out of trading. It becomes a step-by-step methodical process. So you don't over think and overcomplicate things follow those those rules just be disciplined enough to do that. And then on a consistent basis, you're going to be more profitable. You'll have more the probabilities will be in your favor, you'll have more profit and more probabilities and you'll make lower restraints just as al-said you can make things simple. There is a bright side everything. Now taking that first step that can be scary. But we're here to help you need a mentor in need to follow somebody or or a team of instructors that have been doing it for many many years in where you start as that three hour investing class and this in this.

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