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Six months later, the plan was complete when Luchino head remaining boss, Sal, Maranzano, brutally murdered. He could now build a perfect criminal organization. I, he divided the five boroughs of New York to be run by five crime families who along with heads from buffalo and Chicago met as the commission, what they did was take the old society mafia idea and meld it with American business methods. That's really what the new mafia was all about. It would be a nationwide combine run strictly as a business and apprise the business would be crime. Basically, what they did was taken average American Corporation. The way it's run when the board of directors vice presidents executives, et cetera, and they simply copied that and made it into the overseer womanized crime. And. Amazing structure which lasted for many years. So when RAB is the author of five families when the lucky Luciano established Ahmad mafia nineteen, thirty one, he realized even though they were going to work on sort of a business profile business organization, they would try to do everything in organiz, regulated way. Killing still had to be done. Luchino also understood that they'd need a special division to enforce the newly created rules. It would become known as murder Inc. He decided we need a group of professional hitmen who could carry out whatever killings had to be done and Luchino needed, just the right person to run it. So who did he choose? None other than his favorite killer. Albert Anastacia album Anastasiou was the perfect model within mafia and stays here was recognized as. The ruthless unflinching killer. And that was why he got two two nicknames. One of them was the mad Hatter saying he was crazy. And if you wanted to kill, somebody was no way you could stop them. And the other one was Lord high executioner on the idea was he had no compunction about killing anybody. So with orders from the commission, all future murders would be conducted by these professional killers. It's were no longer personal vendettas. They were business Luchino imposed strict rules that oversaw how anesthesia and murder Inc were to operate. One of the chief oils that the commission establish was thou shalt not kill a boss. That's a no, no as to protect them all, obviously from humbling subtly killing them in the name of ambition, it's a no, no, you just don't do it. You don't kill civilians. And the reason for that, it's not a moral issues that it just brings too much heat and pointless. Not good for business. You don't kill ordinary citizens unless they've done something wrong. Here's Nate Henley. This was not because the mob was squeamish or were pacifists, but they were sort of an unwritten rule that you don't kill and out. Policemen journalists, judges politicians and prosecutors because of the intense reaction that those assassinations would cause if you killed, for example, a police officer, all of that police officers buddies, even if they're in the pay of a mobster would be guaranteed to crack down like crazy with these rules in mind and a stage. It was now set to kill whoever Luchino told him to gangsters Luciano. He can't get involved in murder. He can give an order, but he personally can't do it. That's Bernie Waylon, author of undisclosed files of the police and the old days the guy would do it himself. Now. They're gonna. Have someone else do the journey work from their office above the midnight rose candy store in Brooklyn Lucina vision of multi national cooperation started in earnest as the talian anesthesia along with Louis Leakey shelter who was Jewish, worked to carry out sanctioned murders, anesthesia turns out to be the perfect person for this job. He's the girl between who Seattle's Italian guy and a stages, talion guy, but lucky he's a Jewish guy and he's running disorganization. If you saw Burkhalter he was a thin guy. Nothing to really think of as bad guy by the apparently really was. So we'll see gives orders to stage who then works with hand in hand with Lepe and carrying out these aside. Scientists together. They hand picked team of Jewish and talion hitmen a lethal and affective combination. And the theory by using Jewish killers often was this is that somebody would finger whoever had to be marked the death and they would send over in Jewish hitman. And the idea was if the suspect was the victim was talion he wouldn't suspect somebody who didn't look at talion it. So this was part of this entire apparatus and stays you developed us to a fine craft murderer corporated..

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