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Good afternoon, we've made it to Friday. Yes, we have and the weekend the weekend without a lot of college football. We have one game in a Heisman Trophy announcement, although that will be more of a coronation. Let's get right to the headlines before we introduce our guest list and it is not good. We were afraid of about this, but Josh Joe lost the report came out yesterday, confirmed late last night. And another Alabama starter out for the playoffs. Speaking of our dabo lost his defensive coordinator earlier in the week to Oklahoma, his AD radakovich to Miami, and now his OC, second time he's lost an OC had co O sees a couple of years ago. One went to a USF now. Tony Elliott heading to Virginia. The dynasty in trouble. What about chip Kelly? Pete Thomas with some interesting news about Oregon's hunt if they're patient. The buyout drops from 9 million to zero on January 15th. Can they wait another month to save $9 million? What would you do to save $9 million in a month? I'm not really sure I've ever had to deal with that. But maybe some of you understand the predicament organ is in. And from USA Today, coaching salaries, you're still going up, including assistant coaches. We'll talk a little bit about that later. In the program. Steve berkowitz later in the show, we also have a Keenan Reynolds former QB at navy. I don't know why I'm going in reverse order, but John summerall, Kentucky coach, now he's at Troy. And the head ball coach at the university of Florida, making his first appearance here and maybe coming up for air after a week of recruiting Billy Napier. Just days ago, coaching a championship game, now he's all over recruiting for the Gators and he will join us in about 30 minutes and we really look forward to it. We talked to coach Napier before as at Louisiana, but never as the Florida head coach. We thank you all for being here on a Friday afternoon. Let's get to some phone calls. And begin with Kathy, who is in Georgia. Hello, Kathy. Hi, Paul. I haven't called you in several weeks because I was everybody to get out how Alabama was done when I was going to lose and have Georgia's going to win, and I'll buy what we saw the results. But all the bull crash should start now because Georgia did not win because there's no excuse. We didn't want it bad enough. We did not win it. Kirby is called the smart hate smart enough that he would have put JT and there's some reason manly or physically JT could not go in is what I think would reason because Kirby would have played by a problem. He did in other games and he would just stop and watch it wrong. So I think that's what's wrong and I'll go and let the other people but Monday or Monday next week I'm gonna call you with my Christmas list for the ACC. I look forward to that, Kathy, you'd be well. James is up next to hello James. I do it. James, we are all doing great. Thank you. Excellent. And excellent. Will Paul, I'm on the road. Two ladies again. It's a stressful eyeball. So where are you right now, James? Where am I? Was that a hard question? I am training east on highway 14, headed towards prat Alabama. Okay. You have been on 14 parts. I'm pretty sure I have, yeah, I've covered the roads of Alabama quite extensively in my youth. You know, I've located you go home here in my little hometown. Oh, really? Give me the details. I'm looking for a new house. Well, I mean, you can get in this thing cheat. Okay. There's so while the realtor yesterday when I talked to him. So what the size and what's he asking price? Okay. Honestly, can not give you the square footage. The home has been remodeled over the years and what used to be the garage is now the kitchen. Okay, so what are we talking about here? I mean, how much money? Well, the ass comprised, gosh, I shouldn't say this on the radio. But it's a 125,000. 125,000. Could I put ten down and pay the rest 30 year mortgage? Should I should I call the 84 ball? Do they stop? Do they still? Okay, yeah, 'cause I remember my parents bought a house on 30 year mortgage. What do you think about the suspension of the mandate? The vaccine mandate? Correct. And the fact that auburn university is backed off pushing out their football coach. Well, first of all, you have heard this. Well, first of all, it was a decision of the governor. It wasn't auburn university. And I have no issue with it at all. Well, Paul, I mean, I don't want to disagree with Paul found mom on his side. You're welcome to do whatever you are, but the governor made the decision. She's the chief executive officer of the state of Alabama. It was going with what the governor did. Army university was more impressed with what the federal judge did when he postponed the mandate. Let me assure you, I'm not following that closely. And it really doesn't matter. It makes one way or the other. So I'm not in favor of getting rid of a football coach over a vaccine mandate. But you're welcome to. Thanks for the call. Appreciate it. And thanks for the real estate information. Let's check out Jack, who is in Florida. A hell of Jack. Hi, how are we doing today? We are doing well. Thank you. That was even not the important part. With a coach name coming on later, and what he's done in about two weeks that Florida is just now getting there about a week ago. You ever seen a coach go this hard after assistant? Without even really meeting with a lot of people. Yeah, I mean, you have to tell me what he's doing. I'm in the dark in terms of what he did. The offensive coordinator he's picked up about three or four other assistant head coaches. No one after recruits more than anybody has since urban left. And a football we've looked forward to in this state for a while. Well, listen, going after recruits, it's all a matter of perception. I've heard he's a great.

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