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Take on this jerk. Surreal thing so in in Canada when you play hockey there's different divisions Aulia Korea Division. When you hit about nine years old midget hockey gay and now? They're taking away midget hockey and calling liners LP. I played midget hockey. Yeah it's not a size thing it's just the name. Yeah how how do you feel about that. The banning it now I'm see I'm I don't. I don't even know if I'm the right guy to ask because that doesn't offend midget. Yeah Horn said it makes me money. Call me image literally said Yeah. Very good philosophy. I don't care For me it's all about words. People use when when they're intent. Is there what they mean by it because if some guy drives by in a pickup truck and yells you've little person he's using the SPEC- term. I'm still like that very derogatory way horrible. But so I'm not the one and I won't get onto serious Tangent right here but I feel like right now. People are almost getting jealous of other people's of when other people get offended ended like people get offended and people aren't offended or like. Oh my God I should be offended. Look how much attention. They're getting when they get offended. I should be offended by something. What's my thing okay? Okay and then they dig in they find this thing. Don't call me a janitor or call me. A master the custodial arts. I'm offended by the Janet Ling. I feel like midget has a a little bit of that in it where we were searching for our word and They're in there's joke I used to make my act. Where would say like I've heard this where people have said like when you call dwarf amid? It's the exact same as calling black percent the N.. Word into that. I would say midget please please like no. No no not the same not even close so but at the same time. I understand like because we have midget football out here. And and there's a similar movement going on to end that I get it but it doesn't bother me I I think there's bigger problems in the world. Go solve those by you know. Once we've solved all the problems we could get to the bantamweight the midget wait the mighty. My okay. We'll figure that out. We'll figure out that we can't call. NBA owners owners anymore. Like we'll get to that. I come on right really cared away own the team you know memo fine. You don't own the people young team this right. You are the Owner of this team the ST bomber. Pay Two billion dollars for the damn clippers. And now you're saying like you're not the owner but but at the same time I'm open if someone someone is offended by something like that and they explained to me why maybe I'm not seeing it from their Persson. Maybe I'm just like I'm being my get you know. Get off my lawn. Maybe I'm being that guy so if someone wants to explain to me. Wide is offensive to them and that happened recently with me where there was Something happened the news. I was very like that's not what and then a friend of mine who actually affected told me about it was like Oh wow now I did not not even understand. I didn't even think about it from that perspective. Right cool. You're right. Thank you for educating me now. Now I'm better so I'm open but yeah I'm not I'm I'm not. I'm not offended when you were younger. And they you know teenager or whatever you no pun intended as you look up to other resilient little people that kind of inspired you yeah yeah Warwick Davis he He played willow Rg to know. That's that was Kenny Baker. But I thought Davis do that in the were David Yeah. Work Davis was Con He was Leprechaun and also in return of the Jedi. He was wicked. That's the way it sorry. Sorry Yet trust me I know him and also to in that show. The life is short. Yeah and Very funny in that that very very physical yeah. I loved him the actor. This very gonNa know this next reference but Billy Barty Oh yeah who was also in the movie will but he was sort of the trend setter of all dwarf actors and then What was the the trendsetter he he in the sixties and seventies yeah and he had a legitimate acting career If you look at his. IMDB he started when he was like six years old and worked until who was like eighty. Because that's the word like I know that name. Yeah this time. But I can't really place or what he was in like. Jared the Mel Brooks Are Mel Brooks movie. Life stinks. Yeah he was in that yeah he was in that he was the guy He was also in willow as the wizard. That goes like. Show me the finger where I I live like. He he's that guy he was nineteen thirty three gold diggers of nineteen. Thirty nine years old. See wondering if he was maybe even was Avaz but he's a little bit too young for that look at the nineteen thirty is ridiculous. And it's just one after another so and then he was also the happy. Hooker goes to Washington. Evan Billy actually founded the organization. LPGA Little people of America. Oh he founded that so one of the reasons why a lot in that's a big organization. There's there's conventions And I've gone to many of them as a kid and a couple of conventions. What kind of stuff do you do? You do there Well they will tell you that that the convention is for socialization Like you get to learn you. See new products There's clothing swaps their sporting events. There's a lot a lot of that. I will tell you. The main reason why these conventions exist why banging its bank straight up banging. Oh that's where you go in and it it may it takes a lot of sense for like for a whole year If you're dwarf you're someone who's sort of the outcast you're the guy whether you're the guy or the girl that's something different about them or you're a fetish you're like a specialty thing then then you go to the convention. You're hot you're just. You're just dearest dearest sex symbol right there. You're you know what I mean. You can clean up man I did. It was fun. I'm laid waste the single days but it was. It was a grand tie. Got A name for you catch up right now. I always set a little bit of a crush on her. So little person. Okay Deborah labral Lee Carrington. This is she and Seinfeld she was in Seinfeld was in total recall. Yeah she just passed just the last year but she was really pretty and Yeah you go you go. You go if you're if you're a reacher if you're an advertised I right now. You're like I'm GONNA conventions you won't get in we we we have security and they're not dwarf security so it's exclusive because we're aware error that there are people that would that would want to go to that and you just for exploitive reasons and especially like with social media. Try and get bullshit to to try to take some photos and don't get me wrong. I get it because like I said we have like sporting events there and like I do them. There's all the sporting events there's track track and field and dwarves running and attract me it's hilarious. It's like I'm not even gonNA tell you know we're just like no it's funny. It's hilarious if you got eight race that go and fire off a gun. Man is at funny our legs go off to the side we're tripping and it's it's hilarious so I get that I get at that but I always loved going to the convention. When I first started wrestling there was a Farm of it was the The the the midgets the wrestling midgets nineteen ninety and it was farmer Pete and little little Lonnie or something like that. The worst games ever. I Love I listened. Remember her Had to do a promo to build up next week. Show Okay and Bob Brown was the book. And make sure you mentioned the midgets and next week here the it's going to be festive residency. Nwea we got you know. Rhonda's things coming in. And we get Johnny Smith. Go in and we got the midgets so many I watched it back. I'm like Oh can't say without any but those guys yeah drink. Yeah you guys can drink away because I remember you on the cruise to when you weren't former God you had your we're loaded and at everything you went to every single event. Yes I wanted to have all the fun to every van I I was watching you I was I was is watching the ACDC cover band watching Did the DP Yoga was doing. I like. There's all the bands like the Ozzy Osbourne tribute band. All all the wrestling shows 'cause I WANNA do I wanNA experience at all and and one thing I one thing I will say this shutouts all your fans and The the people that are on the cruise is I've told people about the crews and a lot of the other comics. I must suck like you walk around and everyone's like bothering you go. No Jericho. Crews fans fans were very respectful. Very cool you were walking around all the tune and everyone knows you. I was second only Jew going every single show and like everyone. No one knows who you are on that boat and and would you agree. Like they're they're. They're really who I found when I did. The Kiss cruise played it the first day. Yeah it's a picture fast S. church second day. It's Okay Thurday you just one of the gang and everybody was cool. Yeah we're the same vibe on the Jericho crews as well and the cool part is that like you had those was designated in meet and greets setup so it's like hey you wanna get the photo in the autograph great coming to meet and greet will do it then. Yeah and then you got the new time. That's we're that thing but until then let's sit back and watch corey Taylor do undo Spongebob squarepants by by the way those other boats were not ready. They were not ready for I. Oh my God they were so. We're watching Corey. Taylor were import short Yen Bahamas. That you're still doc yet and there's boats that are on either side of us because we're all docked and Corey start's concert as we're still docked and you you could tell that people on the other. Boats were walking out to their balconies and like being like. Oh what's what's going on with that one and some of them. Let's be honest. Very large urge Irvine larger boats. They they they have a view wrestling fans man. We started chance we started yelling. We point one's boat and be like if your boat your boat both sides ships or check. Yeah that was the chance we're great. I remember I've seen all these old people that are going from the Mediterranean or whatever their Bermuda shorts what is going all Larry are. The people are not took maliciously..

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