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From NPR news in Washington I'm Jeanine Herbst it's a new phase of the impeachment inquiry this week as public hearings will be held for the first time lawmakers are scheduled here from three diplomats William Taylor the acting US ambassador to Ukraine and George can't Deputy Assistant Secretary of state on Wednesday and former ambassador Marie Ivanov itch on Friday if yours Franco Oregonians has more all three have already testified in private of the administration putting pressure on Ukraine to launch an investigation of a political rival now people are gonna hear them directly for themselves Taylor testified it was his clear understanding that security aid would not come until you click the Ukraine president committed to doing an investigation and can he was the one who described a quo campaign of lies led by Rudy Giuliani to undermine give on image and yours Franco or doing is reporting that the Supreme Court tomorrow the trump administration will square off against some seven hundred thousand young people often called dreamers who were brought to the U. S. illegally as children and her as Nina Totenberg has more Dhaka has been an enormously popular program with public opinion polls showing widespread support for it doctor recipients have gotten advanced degrees they've started businesses and more than ninety percent have jobs at first president trump seems sympathetic to the daca recipients it's a very difficult thing for me because you know I love these kids but seven months later trump shut down Dhaka only to be blocked by the lower courts now the issue is before the Supreme Court where the justices will hear arguments today Nina Totenberg NPR news Washington president trump laid a wreath at the start of the New York veterans day parade and so there's a sacred obligation to care for those who have borne the battle and here's Tamera Keith has more president trump delivered somber remarks recounting the her Rolex of several U. S. veterans he said of those who served and continue to serve the nation is forever in their debt together we must safeguard what generations of fearless pages gave everything to secure we will protect our liberty of hold our values and defend our home trump who often veers off script into partisan politics kept his focus on those this day is designated to honor in his remarks at the opening ceremony of the New York veterans day parade timbre Keith NPR news the White House former president Jimmy Carter has been admitted to Emory University hospital tonight for a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain from leading due to recent falls the Carter center tweeted that the ninety five year old will have the procedure tomorrow morning and it is resting comfortably and his wife by his side well treated me the day in mixed territory the Dow up ten points the nasdaq down eleven the S. and P. five hundred down six you're listening to NPR news from Washington and this is WNYC in New York I'm Sean Carlson your congressman Peter king's announcement that he won't run for another term next year has caught some of his fellow Republicans off guard the call Molly talk as represents parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island in the state assembly she said she was surprised to hear the king will step down after spending twenty eight years representing Long Island it was a shock United necessarily see this coming everyone knows he loves his job and this isn't such a big part of his life up for so many years and like I said it's going to be very different not having peaking representing New York in in Congress in aspen on Facebook king said that quote it's time to end the weekly commute and be home in Seaford plus he was criticizing his predecessor has Michael Bloomberg guys a possible presidential W. my she's bridge Bergen reports the blouse you says the former mayor is a bad fit for the democratic primary he would make a better president than trump he did good work on climate change gun safety immigration and public health but that's the limit of diplomacy is praise for the former mayor he called Bloomberg tone deaf to the needs of working people blind to the inequality crisis in says he dove Lazio was elected in large part because so many people wanted to see a change from all that as for a presidential run there's no way in the world a we should nominate billionaire look into my eyes is the status quo Bloomberg filed paperwork in Alabama last Friday but has not officially launched a campaign for tonight were.

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