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The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area. Already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year twenty, twenty three. But who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story? This is Permian perspective I'm your host Krista s skinny. Sponsored by Baker, Hughes who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand as an energy technology company, they strive to make energy safer cleaner in more efficient for people on the planet. Allow everyone. Welcome to this week's episode per perspective. So nice to be spending time with you as always and I just WanNa thank you for listening and your car and your office during your workout. You, are I'm actually sitting in my office in Midland Texas today joining us via Zen caster is the executive sales manager John Hammond. He is the executive sales manager for drilling services at Tally Energy Services John Thanks for joining us today summer of beer. We'll thank you so much. We're going to get her interview in just a second before we do smog WanNa. Thank everyone who has been cheering our podcast with friends and family and colleagues. We've received such nice emails from listeners all over the world and of course, right? Here in the Permian Basin and I really appreciate each and every one of you and especially those who stop by give that five star review on Itunes we love seeing those but most importantly, I'm just grateful that you appreciate the information and that you're listening and learning each week just like I am. So thank you for doing that or John Hammon is joining us today. Have you been doing? Oh, it's been great. You know really join the new styles and fashions with with face masks. These days is that it's been fun. It's definitely different times different times. Yes Unusual area yes, and the thing is we're all going through this together. We're all here for each other and I and I think that's what I love about the podcast is is that we're getting to hear how how people are transitioning during this time. So I wait to hear your story with tally energy services, but I tell us how did you get into the oil and gas business autopacific question I studied engineering in college I served my career with slumber J. I guess really the primary reason why I gotta go visit it's offered the opportunity to travel. The world a little bit. So I started my career slow Jane worked in. About four years was great experienced, tremendous opportunity the exposure to Scotland. In particular within when you're in your, you realize how much times just on a personal level was recalled travel well, transitions Brazil were an offer projects offer Zil, Internet, for about three years. Came back to the US at into consulting in software development efforts in entrepreneurial neural projects that GonNa found me your new talent organization. That's just it's. A lot of fun you meet all very interesting from all of the world is probably the most international business that I can think of I was finding the also people are are always salt of the earth in. There is a great great career choice for me out for sure despite all the channels revisit this year resilience is run industry for people and I always find that our experiences really helped. You know give us that different perspective in you have really received that by going International Brooke has that been like because you're now? In Houston and of course, doing business here in the Permian. Sure things are a little bit different than maybe being in Scotland. But that experience I'm sure has helped today tell us a little bit about how that has shaped you to be where you are in your career. Well, the word used his perspective I think it's a tremendous opportunity to get to meet lots of different people travel replaces, but also see that while food navy different than the you know the terrain, the geography be different. There's really so much more similar battles that. It makes you feel understand we're all really kind of this the other goals, similar attentions whether you're in the freezing cold haughtily, rain of Scotland, the hot dusty windstorm of a There's sort of unifying things you see across everyone you meet in Economic Asia an interesting perspective keep things if you'll be Zindler outsing absolutely. So then you switched, you said into more into a consulting and entrepreneurial position and that Brady to tally talk a little bit about what tally is doing and how it's making willing gas businesses thrive for also debris question up to talk about what we do. Tally Energy is integrated oilfield. Services Company. So we have we offer technology services across the drilling space, which is where I were completion space as well as production. So it's a tally is busy was created on the acquisition of eleven companies of last few years. So really fantastic technology France. For example, drilling the drill services business where our all time we are off our flagship is premier directional drilling which. Stabbed rain drilled several thousand wells the base over the last few years, and is a great flagship business force withdrew inside the Talian how I came joint. Allen. Was Me along with the are this offer company called Dynasty? The does you three D. operations really real operations or GIO. Syrian well-placed wins during opposition and so kind of Italian idea. Would be to repair established successful brand businesses with cool technology hopefully when you combine the two together. What, what's expression? The whole is greater than the sum of the parts around of what we know what we're trying to do it in a lot of what's the hotel are tallied focuses we want to help our make that wells and so let's providing. The operators with the right speed the right size, the right priced technology purpose in the premiums. For example, the kind of market the we want to service the customers that we try to tailor our offerings round and it's a it's been a great learning strange to me. I was listening to your other podcast, the guy named comments of. The smartest guy in the room? You're in the wrong room. That's that's never problem for me. I'm never in the wrong room. So it's been reopened learn a lot about you know the drilling business in general and just how he's done in the Bermuda in it's really kind of awe-inspiring you. In with scale out things of progress in changing proved in the times in the speed was operations happens much faster efficient or visiting got is really quite staggering. I love that analogy John, I'm never in the wrong room either some. Technology because technology has changed so much sure since you when you first got into oil and gas with slumber J. Tim now, how has technology really helped? Inch aged benefited your customers now with tally and with with drilling with everything how I mean how how do you see it benefiting customers? Well, this is an interesting question. It's an interesting thing about perspective you know what was working for slumber J. was. There was a hundred thousand employees. It was enormous being of the company and it still is of it was extremely large then in. At a huge amount of RND development budgets in the way that they went after markets what I think as technology advances my personal theory is technological advances really kind of help democratize opportunities for people who are willing to put an effort putting the work and so. We can with our company if we don't necessarily have the billion dollar are but we have burst mark B we developed in improving enhance erade onto the work trying to drive that performances in in be competitive.

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