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In the canadian cleaning up on all those goals in between them so they had a pretty good day but uh there are several days of no us medals which is the only unheard of especially since they added all the snowboard xgames stop as you know uh the you know the 94 olympics in lillehammer where were you and i work together usually you didn't have any of that stuff and then they started adding it in the us was really good at its clean up in those if you go back prior to 94 if i remember correctly in in even further back a you know ten years twenty years before that american never won the medals race in the winter competitions i mean they're always countries that were because we you know we just didn't we didn't ski all day we didn't skate all day we didn't biathlon all day and it was only until we introduced all the xgames sports that then we started amassing all these metals and maybe people started getting used to it but it wasn't you know forty years ago fifty years ago we weren't we weren't leading the metal a race in in the winter olympics right oh after remain crew could create fifty years ago peggy fleming won olympic gold medal night in grenoble for the iraq and that would pregnant finding out create a huge shot icon at gold medal won one gold pretty are and even going back to nineteen eighty where people paying thirty eight years ago course that was a great olympics for the us well yes sixgoal only sick so the us has way more now again there's more sports now uh five of them of course eric hines and speed skating and then won the greatest gold medal follow the miracle on ice hockey uh uh so there were only two separate winners in the nineteen in games of gold medals for americans in america in order homecountry eric heiden and the and hockey team right and record a home game vancouver which is basically a home game eight years ago and after important to you as a home olympics really for the us just a few now what a couple of hours try from seattle guy and there were thirty seven medals are so us.

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