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Yes to Hugh, you say notice somebody, and you're going to have a big controversy. Just leave the government thorough buildings with the either Gloria. Strike or stapling canning clinic or the nipples playing and that should be the flag too. There you go and as far as east saying make the low, we don't need low distinct common sense. You know, what common says a work at twenty nineteen today. The only way to get anything because you have yet you need some kind of a law because when you have comments, you know, commonsense, again, this seems to be a lack thereof at least a law will give you something to say, look, you can't do this. You know, because then when somebody comes in and says, hey, we want to do this. Sorry. You can't why we have a law Luther doing marijuana, right? Sure. We're going to get legal marijuana or wait a minute. Seventy towns passed a law. We love to have it here. But we have a law. What are you going to do Barry? Thanks for the call to New Jersey one zero one point five John is an old bridge on New Jersey one zero one point five. Hey, john. Hey, how you doing great to talk to you at Sania Bella. All right where I feel good get them in Baabda call before I could not agree with him more. I think it's I don't I don't think they're that other flex should be flown because hero. Any pushing it down people's the people's minds and everything, and I really do not agree with it. So are you anti-gay? Well, it's okay. I'm just asking. I'm not totally at the gate, but I just do not like, you know, when it's pushed all the time, especially at the children right now, everybody's entitled to their opinion. I don't want anybody to come on and feel that they can't have you know, they should have their opinion. So I mean, I get that John thanks for the call to New Jersey one zero one point five, but my question is what do we do? Here. You want to plant the flag or not plant the flag. If you talking about government buildings, and we're going to do this. Then we're going to have to open it up. So now is you know, with all these different awareness months that we're having all these greeting card things, you know, it's like I said in April came remember me, I know April April is autism awareness month wanna fly that flag. April is donate a.

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