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I'm Doug Gottlieb in for Dan and the danettes on the Dan Patrick show. Kevin Clarke works for the ring recovers the National Football League. He doesn't amazing job. And I think there's a lot of fascinating. Parts of the league to discuss including the Joe flacco trade, which took place two days ago. We'll get to Kevin in second your reaction to the Joe flacco trade was what what was John Elway supposed to do. He got ripped by everybody. What's he supposed to do? He's got a defensive that. Can they can get into the playoffs? If you draft a quarterback. None of those guys are ready for the next three years. What's he supposed to do? I actually completely agree though. I would love to sit here and go like do do the do the made up debate thing. Yeah. People wanna do that where they wanna go like, well, why didn't you like everybody's doing it? Right. It's the Kirk cousins thing in Minnesota last year. Well, did we want to pay him eighty four million dollars? Like, no. But the jets offered ninety. Right. And we topped out with case keenum. He's a backup quarterback who else is eight AJ McCarron was on the market. Like, right. The only the free agent market is limited. Everybody's just killing Elway. What's he supposed to lose again with with with a rookie? And if you look at at at flat goes contract, if you think about it what they're going to likely do is restructure is deal. So he's making, you know, in the fifteen million dollar range, maybe seventy million dollars, whatever which means you can draft a guy in developing, and you can fix the offensive line and some of the other holes within the roster. He got a really talented rookie wide receiver a really talented rookie running back. You still have some good pieces on deepens. This allows you to to build a team. Like, look, you're not there's not a Pat Mahomes out there in the draft to go get and even Pat Mahomes got city year. Right. You're not going to be better than the chargers who have a better roster top to bottom and still have Philip rivers. So you gotta do the best with what you can with the market Miller. You got Nick you you need to take advantage of these guys Marshall you and I are in. Complete agreement. I don't love stunned. I don't love it. But I understand that. You know that media what everybody killed it. All right. Let me ask. Let me ask. Kevin Clark who covers the NFL for the ringer. Does a great job. Kevin. Did you kill the flacco trade? Yeah. We're gonna do the debate thing. But I promise plenty debate thing. Okay. Okay. No, I think that Joe flacco you talk a little bit about case keenum as backup quarterback. I just don't think that adding Joe flacco makes winning better on offense. I think that there's two wait team. You can either go with the cheap quarterback and build a structure around him. And he's gotta be at least pretty good. And where you get the guy who's making eighteen or more million dollars. And then you hope that he can basically with his talent make up for the money. You're losing a cap. I Joe flacco was probably the worst of both worlds and so much these make eighteen this year with your instructors are fifteen and you're still not going to be able to go out and get a twenty, you know. Big free agent with that that yet cat Mike somebody who'd be worth ten fifteen twenty million dollars a year. I think I would have just roll the dice with case keenum. I understand that the cap numbers might end up being restructure, obviously. That's not dead money slackers contract after next year. But I think they're generally I would have just kept a fourth round pick and just tried to build an infrastructure around case keenum 'cause I don't see a huge difference. Those two guys except I think he gives us a Bill Plachy. But what about flack owes postseason on? Oh, he hasn't been in the postseason. But nobody's postseason numbers or tremendous. He's a veteran Kenny if they're able to get there. They can really take advantage of this. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think the way to go with that. And we don't know what banjo is I think the world of a couple of those guys that you mentioned von Miller, you mentioned I think those are two at one point they had to it's out for pressurizing the NFL last year they were getting after the quarterback. I I don't put a lot of stock into close season numbers. And it's like myself step yesterday. Tom Brady's throwing four yards in his last sixteen games at all. But four quarterbacks in history have in a single season. One hundred fifteen playoff games. He's thrown for fifty two hundred yards. Okay. And so yeah, I put stock in that with flacco. I just I understand them for miracles twenty twelve twenty thirteen run. I understand that. I don't I don't see that. Now. The greatest indictment Bill is that, you know, Lamar Jackson have one of the worst playoff games from whoever seem against the chargers. And and they didn't really think about, you know, going wholesale factor. Flacco. I mean, let's be honest. It's a little bit more than a little bit unfair. Right. Like, they couldn't pull the the couldn't pull out the they felt like they couldn't pull out the rug from Lamar Jackson, and they honestly they should have played Joe flacco they had no chance to win that game with Lamar Jackson, even though he made at a couple miracle plays kind of lay kind of Tim tebow. Tim tebow liar. So let's get to the Lamar Jackson this discussion. Like, look that style has a short shelf life. He's run the football more than anybody who's ever played the position and Cam Newton's built like a Greek God and his body has broken down. What what what level of confidence? Do you have that? Now people have off season to adjust to what the ravens have done that. Lamar Jackson will even be as good as he was in his second season. I was amazed guys when you look at the running numbers civil Lamar Jackson, the only comparable offenses ran the quarterback that much. We're in the seventies. I'm talking like nineteen seventy-two lambs or something. And so it is we haven't seen it. And I think I wonder if the chargers putting all those defensive backs out there. I wonder if that's been shaved away defensive play him next year. And on the other hand, they make great role in the office coordinator, Greg Roman designed, you know, one of the best running offenses in recent memory grow couple of years ago with calico panic. I think it's gonna be a little bit of Columbine column. I think that there will be who were just to Lamar. But I think Lamarque and Greg Roman gesture defense is I think that. You only way that Lamar Jackson take a huge step back is if he doesn't sell passer, and I don't see that happen. I think he only get better as a path is just feeling to be a passer Tom Brady. No. But I think he can get better as a passer. No, we can run. I understand his injury. Eventually Cam Newton thing. But I do think he will be a pretty good quarterback in twenty nine hundred. But but here's the thing. What's lost in? It's not just that. He runs a lot. He's crazy. Inaccurate right. Like, those some some of those short intermediate throws like he's just he's always been inaccurate at Louisville us an accurate playing for a good quarterback coach and with the ravens at times inaccurate. And like look at inaccuracy is something that has been really hard to solve for many in NFL quarterback, regardless of whether they're a runner or a thrower. Perfect parallel would be like a Brady Quinn. Like, look, you can tell me that he's not too muscled up. But whatever was he was inaccurate. And you just can't fix that. Yeah. I mean, there's examples. Matt Ryan got better from college pro-, you know, I talked to I remember talking the rich Gannon but a couple of weeks ago he was complaining about the Josh Allen criticism. And he was saying basically that once you get into being a veteran in the NFL the entire field is open to you. And you're when you're a rookie, basically, maybe not even half if you because you're visiting is just not there. And so it's about being able to hang on enough to become a veteran, and then be able to look at the entire field people like frequented necessarily get there. They didn't get to be thirty one or thirty two. Nothing. Lamar Jackson wait around every thirty one or thirty two. But I am saying that I do think I don't know which percents gets better. But vision can get better. And with that. I think some of the more awkward passes will we'll go away. All right. Kevin you mentioned Colin Kaepernick, Doug. And our having a real debate about the issue. How do you feel? What's your reaction to the reports that he turned down twenty million to play? He wanted twenty. He wanted twenty million to play in the that's right. Yeah. Which is about what nineteen point five nine hours more than everybody else. Ready more. Yes. I understand it from Colin Kaepernick perspective. And here's why. He played for ASU would make them a lot more than twenty million dollars that that is not necessarily true of the NFL with the NFL is not going to renegotiate its television deal based on ratings. They get it's contacting plays in one game. It'd be huge ratings for derating, spike, and all that you're looking at fourteen fifteen billion dollar industry. A after the sensually start out. It would change the entire narrative around them if they had column, Catherine it would it would bring in probably more sponsors. It would it would be such a boon to them that the only way thanks for calling Catholic to be paid federally to ask for the moon because he would be absolute star that we who's the starring out Christian hackenberg. So so now the replaced, but but but there is a there is a point where you ask for an amount of money, which is so much that the phone gets hung up. Right. And and he does look I agree with you. But I also think. That this is part of what NFL people have said, which is like when we've been able to even discuss bringing in Colin Kaepernick he's wanted starting quarterback money, and we don't view him as the starter. Even the people that like, I think there's this idea that the league is completely colluding against him. I think he's hurt himself in the past making bigger asks, then he's actual is actual value is and maybe that's part of what the underlying issue with the story. But that'd be fair. Yeah. So here's my thought on this entire thing. So I keep hearing sort of the same thing you're hearing where we're teams are coming up with excuses. Not to sign him. I don't know why we're only hearing that kind of you know, million miles off the record. And nobody wants to talk about it. I mean, wouldn't it behoove the NFL come out and say, hey, we've called him x amount of times was offered him x amount of jobs because everything I keep hearing keeps being really cow, and you know, has excuses baked into it. And I just think if they wanted this whole thing to go away, they could just say, hey, look blank team offered mccosh for this much money. And he said, no. And I just I haven't seen that report. I haven't seen a team come out and say that I've seen a coach, you know, say a million miles off the record. Oh, yeah. We try but he wanted to this. But I just don't think that I think that the NFL could solve a huge problem. If in fact, these teams were actually aggressively pursuing Colin Kaepernick by just going out and saying, and the fact that I haven't seen that between a believe I do. Not believe the white still collusion. I absolutely do not believe that. I think it's a bunch of scared, you know, managers more risk their jobs. None of them want to risk the quarter extraction, which I always think is overblown. But I do think that they have not done enough PR on their side to make everyone believe there's not collusion. And and part of that is just coming out and offering him job if they're actually doing that. Instead of just kind of quietly saying, oh, yeah, we tried to offer him something you work. Now. One of the criticisms of this whole thing is people are now saying this this shows concrete does not want to play football. Do you believe must be he wants to play football again? I do I don't I don't believe he wants to play football. And I don't believe he wants to be the face upstart league on on, you know, even on network TV last week, and we'll be going forward..

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