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Time five oh, four AAA traffic every ten minutes on the fours boy in the east side. We have some significant drive times. Here's marina. Oh, yeah. It's it's been a rough one southbound four zero five because of an earlier crash that happened at thirtieth. So if you were trying to leave Bellevue and get to Renton that is why it's so incredibly tough. Now, I will tell you that the crashes long cleared off to the side things are slightly improving. I at one point it was taking over an hour to get from Bellevue. Renton. Now, it's about forty seven minutes. Now, if you do want to get to Federal Way, so if you continue past Renton and then down towards I five Belva Federal Way right now. Our and twelve minutes if you're headed the other direction. In Bellevue to Lynnwood this afternoon. That'll take you about forty minutes, which is actually right around on track. Northbound I five is rolling slow from north of Lake City way through shoreline and Lynnwood. And then it says sluggish again north of the bowing freeway on northbound I five past highway two and continues to be tough towards fourth street in Marysville getting into Seattle southbound I five is solid from Lake City way because of earlier problems, so that's still tough into downtown. Both bridges struggling westbound across lake Washington off and on southbound I five from the south end of Boeing field without it'll be tough down towards two hundred angle lake northbound four zero five leaving the south center area, that's luggage up through Renton up to the maple valley. Highway southbound one six seven is slow go from one eightieth to the Kent Des Moines road further south it'll be tough southbound one six seven out of Algana down towards Sumner. And then often on north Puyallup. Southbound I five is slow from highway eighteen to fifty fourth in five your next traffic. F I fourteen Shannon.

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