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Hello welcome to classics for kids. I'm naomi lewin. This week in celebration of the christmas season some classical compositions that involve christmas carols in the middle of the nineteenth century. An englishman named william chatterton dix came up with christmasy words. What child is this for the old folk song green sleeves years later when raytheon williams wrote his fantasia on green sleeves. He probably had a pretty good idea that the peace would get played a lot at christmas. Time the fantasia. Green sleeves was originally part of an opera but some pieces of christmas. Carol classical music written to be used in church johann sebastian bach was an excellent organised. Who spent years writing church music. Bach based a whole set of variations on the old german. Carol come <unk> mojo known in english as from heaven above earth. I come that same. Carol turns up in auto nikolas christmas overture which even has acquired to sing it. There's another german christmas. Carol in which. Mary sings joseph dearest joseph mine asking joseph for help rocking the baby. Jesus to sleep. Yohannes brahms used that in song. He wrote to honor another baby the son of his good friend joseph or josef in german. Walk him brahms. Like the inside. Joke of the to joseph's and he liked the wonderful tune which he gave to the biala <music>. A couple of centuries earlier than brahms was composing in germany mach. One chaperone ta was composing in france. Chaperone ta came up with a whole set of what he called. Carols for instruments. The title of this one is where are those cheerful shepherds headed. One of the top ten favorite christmas carols actually has music by classical composer even though that's not what he wrote it for felix mendelssohn composed a song to celebrate yohannes gutenberg. The man who invented the movable type printing press mendelssohn didn't like the words to that song and told his publisher. He thought the music could be recycled for something else. Maybe a wedding piece but nothing really religious. After mendelssohn died someone in england discovered that the music went perfectly with a poem by charles wesley. The brother of john. Wesley who founded methodism <music>. Pieces that use christmas carols were meant to be played at christmas time. Utter reno raspy composed a musical description of three paintings by italian renaissance artist. Sandro botticelli one of those paintings is the adoration of the maj. I in which maj i. The three kings are part of a huge crowd admiring the baby. Jesus resp- iggy sets the scene by quoting an old church chant anyb- any emmanuel which you know as the christmas. Carol o come o come emmanuel. The three kings feature in another piece that uses a christmas carol. The farren dole from the arlesienne sweet by george. Bc opens with an old french. Carol called the march of the kings

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