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Dash podcast and use gift code criminals for our discount go to Zulu lily dot com slash criminals. Dash podcast to get started and for full offer details. Now, let's get back to the story. Bonnie CLYDE buck blanche end WD laid low until April twenty seventh nineteen thirty three almost two weeks after the raid in Joplin in the thirteen days, following their escape. The gang travelled through New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana committing small robberies in order to pay for gas food and modest. Lodging on this spring day, the gang went to rust in Louisiana, CLYDE gut WD to steal a car for him, but the gang lost sight of him as he drove away. The car belonged to Dillard Darby. Undertaker and he and his friend. So FIA stone, a home demonstration agent had been visiting at their boarding house when the theft happened Dillard and so- FIA decided to take so fee as car and chase after WD who was driving away with Dillard's car, Bonnie and CLYDE. Notice them tailing WD and followed them when the barrow gang caught up with Sophia and Dillard CLYDE approached them hitting Dillard several times with the butt of his pistol and forcing him to get into their car, Bonnie got out of the car and cursed at the woman. Forcing her inside the car is well, Bonnie and CLYDE drove the hostages to Arkansas. They let them go under the condition that they would stay turned around until Bonnie and CLYDE were out of sight. CLYDE asked Dillard how much money they had and they didn't have much. So he gave them some to get by on Dillard and so- FIA broke their promise and turned around before Bonnie. CLYDE. We're out of sight. They immediately told the police, the license plate number. So FIA tried to say Bonnie, hit her and wounded her which most likely wasn't true. This was the first recorded public sighting of Bonnie and CLYDE since their escape from Joplin the barrow gang left town after that, but they couldn't find WD who is still riding around in the stolen car for a while. They all laid low for Bonnie and CLYDE that meant robbing convenience stores or shops in states. They hadn't been to lately, but they managed to stay out of trouble for a while when they met farmers who told them they'd seen the photos of them Bonnie was insistent that she didn't really smoke cigars. Bonnie always wanted to be ladylike and proper, and it wasn't proper for ladies to smoke cigars. She smoked cigarettes but was just fooling around with a cigar for the photos. It was crucial that they knew this about. Her and she would tell everyone. It's strange that she thought cigars would ruin her reputation. When she stood accused of robbery and murder, Bonnie had always wanted to be glamorous. She didn't like the way cigar smoking would look. She may have had a bad reputation, but it was her image. She had to uphold Bonnie and blanche acted as getaway drivers for the small robberies, CLYDE and buck would commit over the next few weeks on may eleventh nineteen, thirty three, the gang headed to Lucerne Indiana, and set their eyes on the Lucerne state Bank CLYDE and buck laid down on top of the volt and waited in the Bank overnight. When the banker came to work in the morning, they were going to surprise him. But the banker saw them first and shot at them Bonnie and blanche, followed the plan to a T coming in the getaway car, right? As they ran out of the Bank to escape the bullets. Some civilians try. Had to stop the car and old man threw a chunk of wood at the car and CLYDE gave Bonny a rifle Bonnie shot at the man, but missed Bonnie. Didn't like guns and tried not to use them whenever possible. She later said she missed the man on purpose. One week later, they headed to oak bene- Minnesota, where they robbed a Bank and made sixteen hundred dollars, which would be worth about thirty thousand today. Seven hundred dollars of that money was in silver dollars and Bonnie and CLYDE wanted to give the silver dollars to their family. According to blanche on mother's day nineteen, thirty three, Bonnie desperately wanted to go to Dallas to see her mother CLYDE thought it was a bad idea and they fought blanche says, Bonnie. Almost shot him over the idea of not letting her go considering Bonnie's commitment to CLYDE. It's unlikely she would have shot him, but her mother did mean the world to her in. Last episode, we talked about how Bonnie and her husband, ROY Thornton moved in with her mother after they were married as teens because she was so homesick without her Bonnie's fear of abandonment that came with losing her father at a young age may have given her anxiety about being away from her mother, Bonnie may have loved CLYDE more than anyone else in this world. But her mother was a close. Second. Finally, CLYDE allowed blanche to go to Dallas to get his and Bonnie's. Mother's blanche brought Bonnie's mother Emma to the meeting place, and Bonnie was thrilled on the trip to the meeting. Place blanche had told Emma about Bonnie and CLYDE exploits. Ama- took Bonnie aside and tried to convince her to leave CLYDE and turn herself into the police, but bunny wouldn't hear of it. Emma said it was inevitable that CLYDE would die. And Bonnie said that if that was the case, she wanted to die with him. By this point, Bonnie had many chances and reasons to leave CLYDE. He had gotten her arrested. He disappeared for months after she broke him out of jail, he could be abusive, but she's still stayed. Many studies have been done on toxic relationships and what kinds of people fall into them there, two kinds of adults who often find themselves in quick moving clingy relationships, those who are anxiously attached meaning they fear abandonment, and those who are high on attachment avoidance. Meaning those who shy away from emotional connection. I'm guessing Bonnie could be considered anxiously attached. That's right. Psychologists Lorne Campbell and terror. Marshall discovered that anxiously attached people are most vulnerable to toxic relationships because they tend to have low self esteem and are afraid of being abandoned their known to seek reassurance constant emotional support, and to become obsessed. With their partners. I think it's safe to say Bonnie was obsessed with CLYDE. I would say. So her love for CLYDE combined with her sensation seeking personality would have been more than enough to keep her in this life of crime. Ama- was obviously distraught by her daughter's decision, but she in Bonney enjoyed the rest of their short visit before Bonnie and CLYDE went back on their way. They also finally met up with WD after their long separation. We don't know what he did while he was away from the game, but we know that he joined back up with the barrow gang as soon as he could that's summer in nineteen thirty, three police in Iowa, Missouri and Texas formed a coalition to take down Bonnie and CLYDE. They didn't know about the group of interstate police who were working together to arrest them, but even so the summer of nineteen thirty three was a difficult one for them and their gang. On the night of June tenth nineteen. Thirty three in Wellington. Texas CLYDE was driving fast down a dark country road reaching speeds of seventy miles per hour. Bonnie was in the passenger seat and WD was in the back outside a farmhouse CLYDE crashed through a barricade and the car rolled several times. The farmhouse belong to the pictured family when the Pritchard's and their son-in-law Alonzo Cartwright saw what happened. They ran outside Bani was trapped inside the car. The car battery was smashed and acid poured out onto her right leg burning her badly. The Pritchard's helped pull Bonnie from the car and took them all inside. They tried to convince CLYDE to bring Bonnie to see a doctor, but CLYDE refused Alonzo Cartwright was suspicious of this and went to get the sheriff. The police showed up and went into the house where Bonnie was lying. Probably unconscious from severe acid burns CLYDE, got the jump on them pulled a gun and took them hostage. He shoved them into the back of the car. Then he carried Bonnie to the car and put her in the back seat as well. She had cuts on her face and arms and suffered from the burns. She was moaning in pain and probably still unconscious farther down the road, CLYDE tied the police up and set them on the side of the road, CLYDE and WD met back up with blanche and buck, and they rented a cabin to stay in for the night. CLYDE. Rarely wanted to spend money on proper lodging, but Bonnie was hurt too badly to sleep in the car by June fifteenth, nineteen. Thirty three, five days after the accident. Bonnie wasn't getting any better. CLYDE took the chance of getting a doctor. The doctor insisted bunny needed to go to a hospital, but CLYDE refused to take her. It was too dangerous. Showing up to a hospital would mean immediate imprisonment for the duo. The doctor prescribed Bonnie of arbiture at drug called Amital a depressant and sedative that helped Bonnie sleep through her pain between nineteen thirty and nineteen ninety barbiturates were listed as some. The most abused drugs in the US. Many celebrities throughout history have died from arbiture at overdoses, including Judy, Garland, Marilyn Monroe and Jimi Hendrix.

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