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America's entertainment pop culture talk show with douglas vivian any ted david go in and where he with george anderson and everything old is going to join the discussion about life after death george what if these are some of the comes to you you are from beyond that was speaking another language heidi handle that what's that all about now for example if somebody comes through speaking a language naturally i don't have a clue about i've never heard be for all just sam hearing language because it was hysterical in a group one night i say gainers somebody that people from your family siege be speaking other than english and i guess the subject thought he was being wise guy but he said to me slobo anybody could say that everybody's family spoken of language before they came to the us i said you know i looked i said are you kidding me you can say to me look at listened to my wa ashby name including my middle name georgia pennington anderson the second there can be no question that everbody spoke english so it isn't something you can say to everybody but if it is a language i've never heard before all says i'm hearing something other than english but i can't make out what it is in but founded it's not an important issue but it always fascinates me that the souls have the ability to get in my head and find something maybe not right off the bat and many times i can overlook it i had of session with a woman via phone on few weeks ago and the son kept she had lost her son her son came through of his you know no volunteering of any information he said that this was his mother i was speaking to and he said he wanted to make sure she knew he didn't suffer at a time of passing and rai right after i said this and i made sure she understood this has nothing to do with religion but i saw saint joseph appear now in me going to real catholic school in it's day saint joseph's to patron of a happy deaf so he his the saints appearance came right after the woman's son.

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