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Is it conceivable that planet axe is splattered all over the Bible I think it has a central role in the Bible beginning middle and end and several other places it's it's a critical part of the Bible is that a hidden secret since the beginning only those who are very wise of understand what it was like a major I for example they were they actually Mister with that it was a plan in our solar system that comes around every couple of thousand years my belief that is actually a two thousand year orbit as opposed to sessions thirty six hundred correct that's and so it's there comes on every couple thousand years last time it appeared as the star of Bethlehem during the time of Abraham a vision appeared as a star in the heavens the I think it was a test of Abraham of the apocalyptic books talk about Abraham being is worth being held by a star as well or special one and also the Samarian civilization around that time was was destroyed by fire from heaven when there god him will appeared in heaven which would correspond with planet acts and hurl down what they described as a heavenly her fiery spirit which destroyed or three three of the the great city of war which may correspond with the book of job where they have the this massive explosion which destroyed a lot of people in that region or is actually or the with the county's appears of a straight right after Abraham left much in the same way that I was out of a more words right right after and lost sort of a pattern there and so in the case of possibly planted act was passing through our solar system at that time causing gotta closes by throwing asteroids and comets all over the place either one secret service or out of the asteroid belt's which is the way the platter that usually it's Elian our closest point to the sun or it probably carries a lot of object his orbital path because it is originally conflict with earth in the early days are sources from what I structure it with one of its satellite because the huge amount of material we throw open space most of which are out of state in earth orbit and kind of formed together to form the moon the rest of it was thrown into various orbits around the sun to form the asteroids and comets but it's still quite a few asteroid away convirtieron maybe the majority of it in the places original elliptical orbit which takes it in and out of our solar system much like that of a long period comet and in fact astronomers you've got a long period comets are actually created when before cloud surrounding our solar system had as a server like flattered acts or probably possibly even planning self entry the sources and regulatory I'll into our solar system give a long orbit similar to a cell live it is actually all the car which originated from hertz mantle as a result of the giant impact is that all the asteroids and so what we're discovering and societies of axis gov recently there's a huge amount of water ice in the asteroid belt sizes rocks a secular come from was earth's mantle because her the only significant source of water within the inner solar system which bolsters the idea that the password that was actually created as a result of trying to back between one to satellites planet X. and earth early in its history not only was crazy after those comments and other things that also moved her to a location closer to the sun to its current orbit they actually originally formed in the fourth location with the asteroid belt is now and was moved past Mars into a third position where I was close to the sun which would be necessary for life to form because it's too cold for other out and if you know what into two or try to be too warm for like to be sustained first location right now is perfect distance from the sun in order for life to be may have created and sustained as we understand it moreover earth's axial tilt as rotation rate and the moon itself without all those three things are number of other things all of which could only be created by that giant impact on the planet axe earth as we understand it could not support life at all and so it's a very highly fine tune planet which most of an artificially moved and second spaces certain rotation angle and a particular satellite of a certain size and mass without all those things.

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