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The the the SEC at actually asked for them to be barred from serving his either chairman are a director or executive of any public company, which would have been a real challenge, you know? So with stepping down. Chairman, what you know, the chairman of the board, the board of directors of a public company is supposed to oversee the actions of the executives. You know, they are the bosses of the executives basically, and they're supposed to represent the the, the the, what's best for the shareholders of the company. And you know, since they were, they clearly did not. We're not providing proper oversight over the management, the executive executive management of the company, particularly Alon mosque. You know the the, that's why the SEC wanted to bring in more independent directors, Cup directors who aren't associated with directly with the company who are an employee's or who aren't as as the case of Kimbal musk, Cousy lawns, brother, you know, really that closely tied to the company. You know, I've I've said many times in the past that I think that if anything Ilan should step down as CEO, he wants to stay on as chairman, chief visionary officer, find. Because I think that's where he's actually really good at is coming up at the big ideas and providing the overall direction for the company. And that's kind of, you know, I think you know where the chairman, the role the chairman should be, and then the the CEO should be doing the day to day management of the business. You know, executing on that overall vision. And that's, that's where I think Ilan's Greg, at the vision thing, he's terrible at the day to day management thing. You know, he, he's, he doesn't delegate to his his. His executive team and management staff tries to do everything himself and no matter how brilliant somebody may be no one person. I mean, he's still human being. No one person can do everything, you know, especially in a company of thirty five thousand employees. So I think the, you know they, they made a mistake in that settlement in requiring him to step down as chairman and stay. CEO should have been the other way around. Interestingly, just this afternoon, there's another turn in this whole thing. The judge. That was overseeing the case, went told tesla and the SEC that they they have within the next seven days. They have to provide a letter back to her justifying why or justifying lie. This settlement is the right remedy for this lawsuit. Is it sufficient punishment for Ilan in for the company? And so you know, it's entirely possible that the judge may thro may reject the settlement and this may yet, you know, end up either coming to a different settlement or or maybe even going to trial if they can't come to an agreement or perhaps removing. Yeah, coming to a different settlement where suddenly he finds that he is no longer these CEO at tesla if that could be out completely. Yeah, if that happened, I know you wrote about kind of who who you think might replace Mosk at CEO more effectively who who do you think's at the top of the list for you? I think there's a, there's a number of really strong executives who would who would make really good leaders, four tesla. You know the top top of my list, but probably one of the least likely person to to take that job as John craft Jack and John traffic is currently seal Waymo and back in twenty thirteen when he was fired from Hyundai as the CEO of Hyundai of America, I suggested at that time that he should be hired as at least as a COO, not a CEO of tesla. You know, since he's now with Waymo, it's unlikely that he's going to leave that job. That's a pretty pretty Plum job, be hard to hard to find a better when the net right now. But I think who might, you know the the other person I think might be the best candidate to to lead tesla is Pamela Fletcher. Pamela Fletcher is currently as this week. She's the vice president of innovation General Motors for the last couple of years..

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