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For two days. Well starved for two days. But I am back to Brian shipping for pinch hitting for me. Okay, we'll get to a whole bunch of stuff on the program, including the debate nobody watched. The JV Democrats. My gosh. I mean two winners in the debate last night, Joe Biden, who wasn't even on the stage and Donald Trump. we'll talk about that coming up on the program let's also in the program supreme court the very important decision coming down from the court on redistricting we'll get into that on the show as well also sure looks like what everybody said about the streetcar has come true Streetcar is going to be operating at a loss. They are not going to be collecting fares, because the city of Milwaukee worried ridership will crater. if they begin collecting fares it looks like if they are unable to raise funds it will be coming out of the parking fund aka tax money we'll get with all your donovan about that but before i get into any of that and i was trying to track down dave michaels who hosts the word on medicine segment you know we re i think it's on fridays ties at fridays i think it's maybe what mondays and fridays fridays fridays fridays before the start of this show there will be dave will be talking to a doctor Dr. i'm not relegating doctors to nothingness by calling them just some doctors and it was maybe april he had someone on talking about screening for a safa geel cancer and then maybe a month later head someone on talking about screening for stomach cancer colon cancer and other types of judge related cancer so i can blame dave michaels for being poked in prodded and tested and anesthetized and starved but that's why ended up scheduling these screening so they had a colonoscopy and an upper g._i. what do they call them guests strauss copy so you're upper ask apy and all because i was listening to word on medicine and i'm glad i did because i found a whole bunch of things in the course of these at least preliminarily dr into a bunch of things not cancer tonight cancer don't be flipping out please it's not curable by colloidal silver or essential oils or anything like that so i don't need that either but i just thought i pass along so when you hear those segments and you're thinking you know i don't know do i really need To worry about some of these things people. I didn't think I did. And then I was kind of goaded into scheduling these screenings because I listened to a really rational com couple of doctors explain. why if you're over the age of in my case fifty this makes sense and i'm very glad i did that and i'm passing along my recommendation folks if you have digestive issues and you can't they don't they don't seem to be taking care of very easily then yeah pick up the phone and call your doctor and explore doing exploratory scoping that's basically what happened I got it from both ends. i didn't matter i was out cold i didn't notice anything but anyway so i wanted to i was hoping to track down dave michaels and harangue him on the air to see if i couldn't find the names of those doctors and say hey thanks for doing that because it's the medical college wisconsin that's right but i don't know i don't know the names of the docks but anyway it is that it's the word on medicine with the medical college wisconsin i appreciate that segment strongly encouraged people when it comes on to pay attention to what they're talking about and see if it doesn't maybe apply to your life and yeah so i've got just a raft i've got a list of things i've got to contend with now thanks to that screening at least in in the preliminary call by my doc i've got let's see title hernia i'm just to die i'm gonna just tell you what my diagnosis i don't really care it's not so private that i'm like bothered by this it'll turn yeah i have severe gerd which has resulted in tissue changes to my asaf is known is something called barrett's esophagus google that one in scare the crap out of yourself because on one page it'll be alarming and on the other page it'll be like does he can take care of this problem that's one that's kind of bugging me some kind of asthma like condition basically like an allergy condition that is also affecting the function of maya safa guess i have to stomach ulcers look at your people have done to me look at the politics of done to me they gave me acid reflux to the point where i've got a named condition edel hernia and an ulcer servers and then i had polyp a polyp that was removed and found out i had diverted you'll osas seriously that's my list of stuff and there's some other assorted odds and ends The list all confer all of that has to be confirmed all going to be confirmed as all this. That's got to be looking at this list, going really. So what are they telling me to do? They're telling me to do. Kick the caffeine. We'll see. shall see about that but yeah so and i thought well i probably fine and i probably don't really need this stuff and i'm listening to these doctors and they're kind of scaring me and i'm thinking to myself maybe a bad idea you're over fifty but i'm probably okay and i'll just take i'll just take some pepsi i'm fine Glad I went in. So I'm using myself as a cautionary tale. All of you. best-case nothing that you get your little results back and you know it's an uncomfortable two days and i just made uncomfortable it's not like hellish or anything like that it's just an uncomfortable two days of preparation and then you get to know whether you're good or you need help and i am now in the category of needing help so there thank you medical college of wisconsin and word on medicine and for those of you out there who are tempted to send me your mom's homemade soup recipe for for some of this stuff i'm gonna stick with the doctor's advice on this just going to stick with the doctor's advice which is a prescription medication follow up waiting for the pathology that's what i'm just gonna i'm just going with that by pre she ate your concern ahead of time all right here's what we're gonna do we're gonna take a break we're going to talk about trolleys streetcars they never make money they never break even they never deliver the development that they that the developers of the streetcar systems promise ever ever milwaukee is no different why anybody convince themselves milwaukee could be different that is self-delusion or that is deliberate prevarication to the tax payers who are always always always going to foot the bill for it we'll take a break alderman bob donovan who's pretty hot about this he's also got a an absolute right to say i told you so we'll be right back hey what's up it's rally from the cain show and i just took a little visit to the brand new remodeled rockville dealership hers kia and they have hundreds of vehicles ready to go basically every single thing you could want they have right there on the lot and every new vehicle that you buy from hers kit includes two years free maintenance the greatest thing about them to is that they've been around in business for sixty years so you can pretty much trust that they know what they're doing when.

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