Russia, Adele Mero Abade, Marie Rose Abad discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


Adele mero abade. Marie rose abad. Andrew Anthony abate. Victim's relatives and dignitaries, including vice president Kamala Harris are in New York for the annual ceremony marking the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil. President Biden is planning to speak next hour at The Pentagon First Lady Jill Biden is to deliver remarks in shanksville, Pennsylvania, the national flight 93 mobile. The operator of the nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine controlled by Russia and at the center of much international concern says it is powering down the final working reactor NPR's Alyssa Edward has more on that decision. In a message Sunday morning, the organization in charge of nuclear safety in Ukraine said that while power lines have been restored to the zapper power plant, enabling the plant to power its own needs, reactor number 6 was being disconnected. The plant's operator says it is preparing the reactor to be cooled and transferred to a cold state. The safest state possible, according to atom. Because of shelling in and around the plant, the entire plant has been cut off from the electricity grid for the past 6 days now. With that one working reactor on island mode, essentially powering the rest of the plant. The Ukrainian owners have been discussing shutting down the plant because of the power issues and the condition of the Ukrainian workers there. Alyssa nad warning, NPR news, nipro, Ukraine. Last reactor, the zebra plant is being powered down as Ukrainian forces pushed their counter offensive in the east, Ukraine reported to be making significant gains in the harkey region, the British defense ministry says Russia is likely withdrawing units but fighting continues around the city as izium. Queen Elizabeth's coffin is making a 6 hour journey this morning from the royal castle in balmoral to Edinburgh, the convoy passing through small Scottish towns where thousands are lining the streets to pay their respects NPR's Frank lankford reports from bakery. Thousands

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