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You said his at the very beginning of the day are you fucking around with the microphone what's going on there that's not me doesn't know i mean do you do you need something you're comfortable you're wearing a very casual dad sweater yeah well i was just at a dad like party adad like what is it dad like party for school that our kids go to so i you know you got address it down i i guess i just went dad lake what it would if you were to show up to one of those school functions and you were like adam scott hollywood actor you know you wearing ray bans you're wearing you know i did wear ray bands you mean like show up like i don't know why that's the first thing i can think of as showed up in like punk rocker like the punk rocker and the michael bolton especially eighties sitcom with a rainbow mohawk yeah that'd be that'd be crazy do you think your your kids would be allowed to stay in school i don't know but i did play that punk rocker and tom selleck sitcom once tom selleck sitcom called the clothes you're speaking my language english i am speaking english are you because i i have a universal translator in my ear would you please remove it okay here we got to me like a normal cooling dying excuse who's greg you'll get it put it back in.

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