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South of Indianapolis. The victim Keri may potato five feet nine inches tall one hundred thirty pounds. Blond hair with Hazel eyes and could be with an adult, male and female in a silver nineteen ninety nine Toyota Sulaimaniya to door with Indiana plate b d g six five nine. Carey was last seen on Thursday, April twenty fifth two thousand nineteen at twelve oh nine AM in new Albany, Indiana in his believed to be in extreme danger. If you have any information on this incident, contact the new Albany police department at eight one two nine four. Four six four one one or nine one one. This concludes this Amer alert. Russian strongmen. Vladimir Putin North Korean strongman, Kim Jong Hoon say they've had fruitful talks about how to defuse the standoff over Pyongyang's nuclear program. Texas executed avowed white supremacist. John William king gave them a lethal injection king. The ringleader of the nineteen ninety eight dragging death of black men James bird, jR. Richard cantu. ABC news. This year, Cinco de MOS is the day that most celebrates for a week. They're having specials every single day. But you have to download the Mozambique to get the offers. Not to mention score a free Cup of caso just for downloading and on Sunday..

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