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You right now you can't get no better tell you did you say gentlemen can can you got to start over my i i was really worried because i want people to work in hawaii i i mean we need to fill minister here and his fantastic but the thing that makes me sad about this whole thing is you still got blue bloods was tom selleck on on the same channel and to me circus shows you can replace with certain afterwards and maybe pull it off but tom selleck was such a love character in hawaiian such a good man to bring someone in and i don't mean to solve races please i don't mean as a mexican american guy to play tom selleck as a navy seal again and when magnum originally was was a navy seal from vietnam so you're going to upgrade this and make this laborem afghanistan now and all this other kind of stuff so for deviating for what magnum was about with the dogs and was higgins and you know he passed away john hillerman learnt manetti had a stroke and so i don't know i mean i wanted to succeed only on the basis of when he coming in the cast and crew that worked out on hawaii why won't they're fantastic people know you got over two hundred fifty local people working on the scene behind the sets on the set makeup food you name it greg great people but i just i'm just cautious even this we macgyver is kinda up and down so back with your opinion digest that avenue.

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