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For a second. We'll get back to NCW basketball later, Nicole our back from the up let it will join us. But big news from the Yanks gets set to start the season coming up in the Bronx already next Thursday, March twenty eighth hosting the Baltimore Orioles news on their ace pitcher. They're blue chip prospect in the organization at one a spring. It's been whole ready for Aaron judge. He looks like a beast with all that said Kenny do see for medicine. Why is down in Tampa Florida making his debut here on sit sports Sunday with the recommendation of both Mike Gunzelman and the great tunnel. Mcshane who I spoke to last night because then believe you Gundy. Here's here's Kennedy do. So you good morning, Kenny. How are you pal? Good morning said it's great to be here. I'm glad that. I'm glad that this double check to make sure. Yeah. And I love country, but I can't trust them. So I did tax Connell. And he's now the kids actually he said, and I quote, he's worthy of a shot. He can't be any worse than dot dot dot guns. Thanks, so anyway, good morning. You're down in Tampa. What's what's the weather down there today? Well, you know, it's been pretty much the same. It's very warm, and you know, the feeling around the Yankees hurt business like very. Between the Yankees and the mess. And you know, honestly, the Mets. Kind of a more optimistic field the Yankees, it's very much more businesslike with them. But yeah, you can't beat that for the weather. All you, can I can't wait to go. Well, listen, there's a big difference. The Mets have really not been good for a couple of years. They won the World Series against the royals a couple of years ago, but they brought in the new GM van wagon. They've been making moves. So there is some optimism. It's always business as usual for the Yankees Kenny based on expectations because every year the Yankees are expected to battle Boston for the AL if not to go to the World Series. We know they were very very close two years ago losing to Houston in the AL CS. They want one hundred one games last year. When you went include the wild card win, so the expectations again that the Yankees are going to be right there. Have you seen anything this spring? That tells you otherwise. Well, I mean, look they're a Joe results in spring training. Don't really mean anything, but they are winning a lot of games and the depth at this team provides I think that everyone's really blown away by the way that, you know, just the new pieces like these data may have hit could Fraser as as looks like, you know, he's he's free of his concussion issues, which is great you mentioned Aaron judge's play. I think one of the things with judge that so impressive is it every single season that he's really just he's gotten better at one thing, and he's continued to make strides forward, which is which is a really good sign especially for someone coming through their prime. If they're going to continue to get better at first you really couldn't make contact at all. And then he showed up some of those issues making contact with them off speed pitches. But every single year, it seems to make more and more contact which I think is a very encouraging sign because you see a big big guy is this guy could make contact with seventy five eighty percent of the, you know, the the swings that he takes he'd be unstoppable. And I think that that's sort of where he's trending now. Many wants to break the home run record. And this guy if he would just make contact with Moore pitches be a little more disciplined at the plate to do that. And I think that he's he's headed in that direction. We'll see obviously how the results translate from from spring training to regular season. But you know, if he could way also sliders if he could you know discipline himself at home plate. I really think that this guy could break the home run record just based on the strength that he has. And the, you know, the the speed and what's the ball comes off his bat when he does make contact. So if you're looking for reasons, you know, to kind of feel like the Yankees are safe to come. Or at least compete for it. I think judges the first place to start. And then, you know, I I really I love I I wrote about it at S. And y love the way the addition of DJ LeMay here because the Yankees desperately needed a detail may who in their lineup they need somebody who's gonna make contact. Hi, Ray DJ omega who wanted to top ten guys in baseball at contact rate. He is going to get on base for this team. He's gotta drive in some runs. Hopefully, you know, with with the way that Stanton and judge of walked in their careers. You know, he'll he'll be able to drive in runs, but he's tremendous statistically with runners on base. He makes a lot of contact. And he is a perfect addition to gonna play a lot. So I guess weirdly judge's an easy one to pick. But I really think I'm very excited about DJ LeMay who to and and the early returns that they've seen from him. All right. Kenny to see down in south Florida down in Tampa. I should say not south forty Yankees getting ready for the start of the regular season. So bad news. Oh, well this week. We we knew that Luis Severino fresh off his forty million dollar brand new four year deal was going to miss his first start back Tanaka will be the opening day starter for the Yankees for the fourth time in five years. Now, we find out that injuries actually worse than we thought. Now, they're saying not just the first part, but maybe through may. So what is what is actually going on with Severino and how much time we expect? He's going to miss. What's what's funny is we actually had one of our reporters reach out to a surgeon when the injury I happened. And he said that the. Expected with an injury like that Sabrina to be out until may first. So I, you know, I think that it's kind of, you know, something where know one of those cases where I really like the teams, you know, trying to sort together what exactly the timetable is going to be before they say anything, and then you know, the follow up questions happened. Eventually it comes out when they're ready, but I don't think there was any sort of setback here. I think the good news is that look Severino finish the year pretty poorly last season. And a lot of people had, you know, even the most confident Severino backers had their doubts about whether this guy could be a top of the rotation guy or not just because the way he fell apart down the stretch in the second half. And so I think that the reason that they got James Paxton was because of Severino struggle. So you know, I think they were prepared for this. I think that you have to just fill in the back end of your attention. Now, I think that you you still have your real ace impacts that. I think he was going to be the guy to lead district. The season unless Severino cook that job from him Tanaka behind them. So you know, I again, it's also you know, we're talking about the beginning of the season. When you know, there's a lot of variables with how teams are playing slow starters. Hot starters. I'm not too worried about the way that the Severino injury impacts them. Obviously, the only concern is you know, how long it actually takes them to get the full strength and pitch like yourself again that might be mid may. They might be late may. But I think that they have the firepower to deal with with the injury while he's out they been looking into the free agent market. The report saying that they're looking at you Gonzales, you mentioned that the Yankees lost. The Astros nail CFC also in the wildcard game the guy the common denominator. There is Dallas Tikal kinda surprising that they're they're. So they're so out on him. They don't you don't really hear any any murmurs about them going after kaikal considering the time they've seen up close. How dominant is against them edited want a guy like that on your side. But I think that. You know, they might wanna be looking for a cheaper option just because it is a temporary replacement. But interesting thing that I really haven't heard anyone talks how it is the fact that they're gonna if they signed GIO Gonzalez James Paxton Tabatha half. I mean, you know, you're gonna have like four or five lefties in your rotation which is just crazy to think about because there's two years ago. The Yankees were really struggling for another left-hander even last year. Really they were looking for a lefty because they had Sebastian, but they want to add another lefty they got half. And now they got taxed, and I mean, it's it's if they added another lefty and free agency kind of a unique pitching staff away with the Yankees. But I think that they're fine. I think they're well equipped to handle this. You know, I think is probably the guy that comes out and pitches at the back of the rotation. They they have been happy with her mom the way he's been pitched. But if I had to guess assessments been the best out of a mall Louise's has been the best out of a mall. He's been on cable, which is crazy because. I really think that they felt like he was throwaway piece in the in that do they got Chad green and sesa- in a package deal for Justin Wilson. And you know, they always like chef the more. They really think Chad green. It'd be this good. But I mean, he is really finally showing them that he can pitch. And I think that, you know, this this could be the best that we see again, you know, we've seen the Yankees in the past especially you know, if present strain training and that flop in the regular season. But I think, you know, just like you said has been great. I her mom's been great. I think that they have enough of these young arms that they can at least take a go into the regular season with with one or two of those guys pitching maybe rotating into that last spot and see if they're good. Yeah. See what happens because I think the last year there were pleasantly surprised when it came up. They got three guys, but they feel confident and you don't need to go out and spend ten million dollars for one year of Dallas Tikal just again because Severino is gonna come back. It's not like he's out forever. So yeah. I think they're in a decent spot. I really don't think there's too much cause for panic. All right. Kenny great job. Appreciate you hopping on today. Terrific job. In fact, any others live with the Mets, obviously. And I said why? But he's in Tampa these days covering the New York Yankees. Thank you so much sit sports Sunday, buddy. Nice job any anytime. It was a pleasure to make my debut at McConnell. I said hi you've got Kenny Kenny do see follow him on Twitter at Kenny. Do.

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