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Rhode Islanders. They live here. They work here. And they're proud to support. Our local economy all starts with a free in-home consultation with Brenda Leo, Harris. She'll sit down with you and mom and dad figure out what you need and you set that up Madonna four oh one three four five one eight one one again that number is four one three four five one eight one one. You've heard me talk about these folks for a long time, and maybe you came close to call in and all of a sudden you feel guilty about doing that why? Because it's a win win. You're going to get your life back and mom and dad got the help they need to maintain their independence and stay at home. And that's what they want online at. So Harris senior care dot com will work with you on in-home scheduling for mom and dad based on the individual's needs because they know that every situation is different. So dial it up and get on the schedule for a one three four five one eight one one O'Hara senior care dot com. The website 755. Here's Mackie's got sports homecoming last night. Isaiah Thomas at the garden de. Denver B Boston one fourteen to one zero five but who care all love at the garden seven minutes of play for Isaiah zero points. That's why we go them, right? He said after they felt like home, and he tweeted out later on dam that was special Gus standing ovation when they played the video pretty cool stuff. Dustin Pedroia news, not good here. They're going to be staying back for extended spring training with the socks when they break camp. Not a good sign a year and a half since he played and they say, no setback. But just more work to get him back. Bruins tonight against the islanders on the road. David pasternack tonight torn tendon, his thump and sixteen games. Now. He's been out and IT tonight PC hosting Arkansas nine o'clock star late one of the dunk Razorbacks best player Daniel Gifford declared for the NBA draft. He is not going to play Arkansas anymore. He's going to get ready for the draft. So that's pretty good news for PC guess an NCAA women's tournament. The seating was announced last night Yukon a two seat first time since two thousand six they were not a number one seat. I'm Steve McDonald NewsRadio nine twenty.

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