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Send the blooms home as a winner in Game one, Does it. Thank you, Jack Edwards and Nessen. Brad Marchand delivered the shootout winner in New Jersey after scoring and regulation during the three to triumph. But don't let that piped in crowd noise. Julia, It was an empty arena. Kevin Miller. What was that, like, very like, almost exactly the same. I mean, even the first couple minutes warmups, your thinking here, there's no fans there. But that goes away really quick and just great to be back out there. Miller hadn't played a game in nearly two years. These will face the devil's again tomorrow. Celtics Magic Tonight at the Garden and Boston had three straight games postponed due to a lack of players available because of leagues, health and safety protocols. She's will be short handed again. No Jason Tatum, Robert Williams or Carson Edwards and others like Jalen Brown. Daniel Thais are currently questionable and jets named Robert Solid their new head coach. He is the fourth active NFL head coach of color. Adam Kaufman WBZ Boston's news radio. Right, Adam. Thank you ate 43. How you doing on the roadways this morning? Let's check it out for you. Basement technologies. This time sponsors the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. It's going on, Laurie. Well, we continue to have delays North bound on the expressway. Jeff, it is really slow going starts right around seven Hill and that continues to Columbia Road. Now downtown Boston. The toughest stuff we're seeing right now is really just on that lever connector that continues to be heavy coming off a 93 and looks a little bit better as you get onto store Dr. Winter at the Longfellow Bridge. Everybody works their way out, and it's moving. Just fine. Now on 1 28 north bound in Woburn. That crash has cleared still some heavy volume The approaching route 38 watch out for a tire changers. Well, this is not 93 south on and Randolph right at route 24. The vehicle is in the breakdown lane. But just so you're aware of that? Laurie granted the BBC's traffic on.

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