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Week in Kentucky, the third highest in the history of this pandemic. Hospitalizations have been doubling just about every two weeks and folks that means we're getting really close. To every single across the entire commonwealth that we can staff being full today. 2600 new cases were reported of Covid 19 in Kentucky. 17. More people have died, and governor Bashir announced that this was still heartbreaking because the vaccine has still been available this whole time in Ohio, Dr Bruce Vanderhof says the vaccine is going of the vaccine cases. Are going nowhere but up. Our delta wave of Covid 19 continues to drive our numbers ever higher. Our cases per 100,000 averaged over two week period, which just a month ago. We're less than 50 are rapidly approaching 300 new covid cases, hospitalizations and ICU admissions in Ohio today, all over the three week averages. That means the numbers just keep going up. In Indiana 1700. People added to those case counts. She stole millions of dollars from her employer. Now a Hamilton County woman found out her punishment. Elizabeth Fissile the bookkeeper at Hydra. Nix stole so much money that the company had to lay off 13 workers. She got eight years today and must repay $2 million And the former Pike County Sheriff Charlie Reader being sued while in prison because, well, he was convicted of theft and office, the Pike County once their salary and benefits back that they paid to him inappropriately. Uh, they say that they're suing now, more for about $128,000 that he collected while suspended from his job. He is in prison for three years. 700 WLW sport. Here's the Reds Update After a day off today, the Reds will kick off a road trip tomorrow night with the first of three up against the central division leading Brewers in Milwaukee. The action will be right here on 700 wlw. Little League World Series. Hamilton West Side Taking on Louisiana Lafayette later today, Bangles Bangles back on the practice field today getting ready for Sunday's pre season finale at PBS Up against Miami College Football. ESPN is named their top 100 players for 2021 Bear Cats quarterback Desmond Readers. Rated 20th. Cincinnati Star Corner. Ahmad Gardner 26. Tight end Michael Mayer from Notre Dame and Cuff Cath 47th build Edison 700 WLW Sports. Hi Sandy Collins. Our next update at eight NewsRadio 700 wlw Otis, So good to finally see my Bay Bridge Coast spokesperson against by You saw me every day on video calls this We've got to hit the road and Beach Bay Bridge traffic to the beach. The early bird gets the worm. I'm no early birds Spike. I'm more of a night owl well, staying later. Another way.

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