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Sense. Here's Yarosh right point spending it to the lightning near corner droid wlac for Gord where does checked by Christian Yarosh? Where's that pocket? Comes by the lightning to pay RV naggus. Harvey leaves it for the Oetzi left corner right corner. White on white in the offensive end shoot save to being the glove and he holds on so routine. Save the lightning unable to get out of their own end here double defensive zone shifts. One lady when icing. Shot to see for demeaning light. He'll send out the pocket line with seven minutes. Exactly remaining in the third score nodded at two. Tyranny and podcast. One by mcdonagh behind the lightning net trying to get away from Nick Paul, and he well, he just accelerated out of trouble right there up the right side podcast to the red line sweeps in it. Dylan to mellow by the Ottawa net loses pocket right corner keeps alive for Callan. By the goal talent. Sweep till appointed. Mcdonagh. Cradles it what's for shooting lane? Now, he fired save made rebound Callen. Couldn't get an in front defended that pretty well. And it's punched out of there by Danilo to center ice, Ernie in the counter left wing pocket jams. It back in to our score in the third Dylan develop around the far side disease. Looking to clear at Callan ties up his stick? It is out of the zone though off the clear in early was going to the bench. So we let the puck go past and Bobby Ryan's pursuing it for pocket hustle to graphic and a little bit of a scramble sequence here for the lightning. Now strong in the far corner goes back to Cobra behind the net. Brandon Coburn just wheels out of trouble. It may feed coup dropped.

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