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David Ortiz needs to rose merry we became quick friends I mean overnight it was we just we shared a bond a call felt like a full sister in fact some of the work we did with spirit and the guy that came through we use use the ouija board together we had the vibration like more ancient queen and I I've got to say my heart goes out to Joe because when I got with rose merry I we've got the joke to and it's just really wanted to present this this is difficult for him because they were so close you know most the couples of course sometimes go off and do their own thing Joe and rose Marie were inseparable at these events and conferences Karen that that we would always go to and they were just there what was truly partners price of one she was a bank myself with those two and we always had a great time and enjoy nose ring would change came together and he was like the power couple and I've got to share that their love they have for each other and just how much fun they had for life the venture exploration and I got to partake in that and I'm so happy to call them both my dear friend back several years ago Karen I was going to be doing a full Weegee board show with a ouija board live in the studio and I had several guests including rose merry Ellen gaily and I was having second thoughts about doing the program and I had Jordan Maxwell Bruce Goldberg and rose merry Ellen godly and rose Marie was the one proponent who really wanted me to go through with the ouija board shell and I decided that for whatever reason and you know the way I feel about we she boards I said no I'm not going to do the program and she said why why and I said I just don't want to be were sponsor bowl for anything happening to anybody was listening to the show who might run out and get a ouija board or whatever I just don't want to do it so I'm just not going to do the show so we did something else with them as our gassed and he had a pretty good show but it was not a live ouija board show but she was just a marvelous paranormal researcher who not only was good at what she did but she really enjoyed doing it and that's what made her so special I agree to a thorough and extensive he's on a bright light on the to hold them to loosen and humanity if you know everything like Joseph from angels izombie should know fiercest thing going into it research net imprisoning of what she found and I have no doubt that where she is now in the next frontier she's out there having her neck we'd venture exploring and discovering eternity and she understood the dangers of of of of what she was doing dabbling in with the dark side to do the story she was like an investigative reporter but she put herself I think sometimes many times at harm's what risk just to do these programs and stories well you know that's that's investigators as they go out there and they're going to push the boundaries to bring back the information so we can understand and have a better idea of what's going on out there she was not afraid of the unseen dimensions and that is where she is not connected fearlessly and the the faces and that to me if anybody understood the afterlife or what it's about she'd be the one closest to it and I guarantee that transition for her in that space and we're she's now she's like wow this is me because I wasn't willing and able to go look at these place before I came here I always look forward to when she was going to be on the program because just I knew what was just going to be a blockbuster show and you know once we would open up phone lines and I'm looking forward to that the next hour with some of our special guest people just blow what she talked about I mean the subject matter she dealt with angels and demons send you know who dreams she touched on all of it Jan yeah we had word yeah and you know it every year a Christmas Eve I love to listen to when you have on although I knew her angel stories and read our books I couldn't wait to hear it was so beautiful to hear her voice again tonight because like I hear her voice every now and then my head that hurts the date when you were going to the show tonight and I am in this is great to hear tonight well you know we're talking about her next hour we're going to run a little clip about her talking about angels in the history of Christmas which is a classic but Karen you keep in touch with us you pick up the torch in run with your end of what you've done for rose merry for her name and just keep doing what you do okay absolutely well keeper proud thank you George thanks Karen Dahlman who is a staunch supporter in Weegee boards I can't change your mind I've tried she just will not stop talking about in working with and researching the ouija board she's not scared scared of that at all up next more special guests throughout the night and of course we will culminate the final hour with more special clips and guests but also your phone calls about rose Marie yelling guy Lee how much she may have touched you as 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