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Something no it's just i'm just being that each but not from fox obviously i just like once you start drawing fire fox hair okay i guess i hear tomorrow box now know is that miraculous getting certain drama confused why they were driving joe donnelly along network good good were but you're harris from i'm kidding it's our boss you guys a lot like would be you know it's monday morning do we have enough airbus it's a monday morning shouldn't start okay well do you feel as though it's time twelve minutes let me check my a lot of talk about a lot of news it's happened which is my phone it's ten forty two i think it's i think it's time since what do you think i think it's time okay without further ado over here are the fast five stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast i mean it is time don't get me wrong but i do feel as so i would be remiss if i didn't let everyone know that she's very procedures upset of the morning toast is brought to you by skill share an online learning community but thousands of the meeting classes covering dozens of creative in entrepreneurial skills you classes and everything from photography and creative writing to design productivity and more so whether you're returning to a longtime passion project challenging yourself get outside your comfort zone simply exploring something new skill share has classes for you i take a class on skill share that little photography and that were thinking we have any insurance she's just promoted to pay maybe it's time for her unskilled show someone say they'll give you a couple.

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