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The workmanship was incredible. You know, typical Porsche, they thought of everything. And I'm not sure about the underground bunker. Okay, Richard Lloyd told me that story when he collected it. Yeah, perhaps they'd been hiding his car or something. He told me his car was covered in dust. Being built, I was right there. In fact, Kramer had chassis number one. Which actually was Alan ducados order, but he ran out of money. You're right. And Kramer bought it off him because they didn't actually have an order, but then they got a deal with Porsche France who wanted to run the Andretti's Mario and Michael who famously finished third that year, which is quite an interesting tale in itself. I remember all that now, that's coming back to me, but I think I was the first customer to take delivery of the car. And we shipped it to Silverstone. I opened a workshop at Silverstone. Sort of did a few little test drives, the mechanics got used to it. And then basically it was for the European season. But then we had the idea that, in fact, can am approached us. How it works. The SCCA approached us. Their entries were a bit thin. And they said, how'd you like to bring the car over here for us? So I spoke to our sponsor in San Diego, Jerry dominelli, J David. And he was all for that. And that's how we got to do the can am race. And we did, I think we did two cameras. Road America and Moscow and you won Elkhart Lake beating Jacques Villeneuve senior so that's Jill's brother Jacques junior's uncle. Do you remember anything about that race? I think the margin was sort of 12 or so seconds, so relatively tight. I don't remember if I was on pole or not, but I do remember just leading straight away and pulling away in the car was just, it sounds crazy, but it was in a different class to a can am car. I mean, it was so much quicker on the street, which was amazing. And I mean, everybody was amazed. I was amazed. I was thrilled to death. I don't think we'll know thrilled about it. But and then they asked us if we do another one. Actually, Elkhart Lake was good because there was a long straight. And we were quite a lot quicker on the street. Then we went to mosport, which is, as you probably know, is quite twisty. And I think we finished second or third. Well, I've got you, I looked it up this morning and it was third, yeah. Third, yeah, that's right, yeah. So we had a couple of can am cars in front of us. And don't forget those cars. Can am of that era, we're not talking about canna Mark one, just sort of for listeners who aren't of that era. We're not talking about McLaren M 8s. We're talking effectively formula 5000 cars with all enveloping body. So they were single seaters. Your sports car. Yeah, they have a central seat, weren't they? That's right. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah,

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