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You know I mean we've seen it happen in a few different states but that is one could think of being in Minnesota to overstate all right listen we come back it's our story we can't get enough of have you heard Donna and Steve lately check out this highlight from Wednesday in the nine o'clock hour security told me that there's a big possum with a long tail I don't like it so you buoy essentially survived a vicious potential animal attack last night okay please what I heard you testing helpful possum the first time you said and then you flip type thing going back to possible I did is in your head you and that didn't work you are D. you've caught me with my hand in the cookie jar I didn't want to test drive possum is like pronouncing mature mature I said it it might technically be right but it didn't fit what we say is impossible possible they give the option I'm a good line can we have one city council person says let me just set the record straight Donna and Steve listen live or podcast it anytime at my talk one oh seven one dot com or on the my talk at summer lake beverage the local company that brought you bootleg Minnesota's favorite cocktail that's a new flavor that'll take you south of the border so like I once favorite character no further south presenting every new cocktail makes hello that's fun to say it's even more fun to drink we take a fresh squeezed grapefruit and lime then add lemon and orange to our mix for layered citrus flavor and a light fresh finish mix it with tequila for handcrafted Luna Paloma with vodka.

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