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Well, there is some weird stuff going on. We're going to get to the caravan. In conspiracy. With Tim Andrews who who Mans the conspiracy desk in a moment, but we have to address this. That's going on right now. So suspicious packages were sent to the Clintons. The obamas. The White House now CNN and New York has evacuated their building because of a suspicious package or device. And so it's there's one sent to the White House as well member. George Soros got a pipe bomb. Yeah. Yesterday, I believe so these are probably pipe bomb type things given the fact that one's gone to the White House. And who knows if they just haven't found anything congress yet? At first glance. It seems more anarchist then one side of the other. We'll find out, but it's kind of interesting is CNN has can you pull up? So the reporters are calling in from the street. They're calling into the DC bureau where wolf Blitzer is. And doing the reports out on the street being evacuated from their Bill to see what they're talking about. Yeah. It's very very disturbing development because as you as you guys point out there have been several suspicious packages delivered to George Soros, the the democratic of a billionaire who's been funding. A lot of these activities in the White House Democrats outside of New York City Chappaqua New York outside of New York City, the Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton in the White House suspicious package was discovered offsite. Similarly, the this this suspicious package delivered to the residents here in Washington DC, a former President Obama an site and a suspicious package addressed to the White House. Thank you. Intercepted at joint base bowling. I here in Washington DC, poppy how far away from Time Warner Time Warner center. See here's the thing. I hope everybody's safe is how much can you report on being outside of a building? This is like, hey, there's a fire drill to reporters outside. One thing is interesting. First of all, I decide I my guess is they'll probably going to take care of this. And nobody hurt I certainly hope no insert. But you know, it's interesting to me how different the reporters look when they're not in the studio lighting. Is that who is that they had that screen that they pulled down behind wolf there's no digital art going on behind him. So poppy Harlow have two phones to that's all I'm trying to what's that other people have burner. Fisher lovers burner. That was a joke. L need people coming after me? We have no say alleged studying. Jerry was a joke. Was farcical. Sorry. Poppy, you how many lawyers they have over there. I don't need that. Yeah. So they're just gonna keep on. Obviously, you think that over at Fox News. Somebody's like anybody smell anything. It's gotta be. Everybody's tuning into CNN. Something's gotta this is just pulled a fire alarm. All right. We will keep you up to date. That's where it stands now. Hey, by the way, I got a suspicious package. Kayla jeter. We'll talk about that later. Ooh, we will keep you up to date on that. And now it's time for this. Live.

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