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In the Hoboken fire department can of a plus place to rest and recharge so thank you to everyone it Stevens for thinking about their Hoboken neighbors I said we would be brief today including in the queue in a so forgive me because it is Good Friday but because it is Good Friday I want to be able to share one more story of some of the good being done around our state someone this most solemn Fridays here's something hopefully that will lift your hearts today I want to recognize the member of the Wyckoff the members of the White cough girl scout troop twenty four in Bergen county there's a couple other members right there's a member rather on the left there's a health care worker on the right after reading stories of nurses describing the physical discomfort caused by the straps of their face masks the troop took took producing simple had bands that can be worn under the straps to reduce their discomfort and make life on the job just a little bit better the troop donated their headbands to the valley hospital in Ridgewood and there's an example of the head then you could see on the right of the picture so this is how we're going to get through this it is both the huge donations of a hundred thousand masks and for that we're incredibly grateful but it's also a little fox like head bands to make those masks less uncomfortable to look professionals were wearing them day in and day out for hours upon hours for uniqlo we thank you and to the members of Wyckoff girl scout troop twenty four we thank you New Jersey thanks and I ask each of you to keep tweeting out the stories of your heroes and by using the hashtag NJ thanks you everyone was pitching in to help us through this deserves our thanks so too does everyone out there who's doing the right things to help us flatten the curve especially with a major holiday weekend upon us this cannot be a weekend to think we can let our foot off the gas we're not even close folks we have to keep with it today tomorrow Sunday and every day until this war is one and with it we will then again you're starting to see some glimmers of hope look at the amount of people discharge yesterday look at that county map look at the beginnings of the flattening of the curve of positive tests and remember as we said before with the heaviest of hearts even though those metrics are beginning to look a little bit more positive we will still lose many folks of the state sadly because the folks were announcing Judy and ed today who have lost their lives may have been infected several weeks ago so we're now seeing the sad end to some of the realities that hit us weeks before us but stay with it we will win this unequivocally if each and everyone of us does our part and we will for the little things like washing hands with soap and water to bigger things stay home please period social distancing no matter where you are including at home all the way up to the steps that we're taking today including for instance the executive order that I'm signing today as they were like really relates to our corrections facilities all of these are pieces in a broader puzzle in this week each continued to drop our pieces of the puzzle in place eventually that will be a beautiful tapestry of R. one New Jersey family finally back on its feet together again stronger than ever before with that please help me welcome the woman who needs no introduction the commissioner of the department of health Judy personality thank you governor and good morning I want to take a moment to thank commissioner Hicks and all the support he's given the department of health and not working to protect the safety not only of his employees but of the total forensic population and all of our sister agencies this is really a whole of government approach and they are all vital to the effort and I thank them not only for their support but for what they're doing every day I want to share.

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