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Dan O'Neill. It's mostly clear twenty-seven. Tonight's low sixteen congress has a week to avoid another government, shutdown Republicans and Democrats believe a deal can be made on keeping government open and funding a border security package that would include some form of a physical barrier, though, the total for that is not expected to meet President Trump's demand for a five point seven billion dollar border. Wall negotiators are also going back and forth over alternatives to detaining humanitarian aid of proposal likely needs to be released over the weekend or early next week to give both the house and Senate time to vote on legistlation before a temporary spending Bill expires played Friday night on Capitol Hill Jared Halpern. Fox News transcanada's says it's Keystone Pipeline is likely the cause of an oil leak near Saint Louis spokesman Terry Kuna in a statement Friday said that cruise control. Excavate the Saint Charles county area where the leak was discovered on Wednesday. He said transcanada's preliminary investigation points to keystone spokesman for Enbridge Inc. It's highly confident that it's nearby Platte. Pipeline was not the source the league prompted closures of sections about the keystone and Platt pipelines and bridge spokesman David Hutzel said Friday that the company expects its pipeline will be operating normally by Saturday. Kuna said there's no determination of time for the Keystone Pipeline to return to service. The Missouri department of natural resources estimated that about forty three barrels or eighteen hundred gallons of oil leaks and oil did not get into any of the waterways. Steve voyeur, Cayenne s s news. A woman in Idaho has pleaded guilty for her role in the case involving the disappearance over young Colorado mother whose fiancee's has been charged with her murder crystal Kenny won't be sentenced right away in Colorado for tampering with evidence. In the case of Kelsey Berith, baths, fiance and father to their one year old daughter. Patrick crazy has been charged with. Murdering kelsey. But crystal admitted in court that she had a role here. And it might be why Kelsey is phone was pained far from Colorado where she lived. But in Idaho, he said, I learned Patrick Swayze. Hey, committed a homicide on approximately November twenty second. I moved the victim cell phone with the intention pair the phones available availability in the investigation. Fourth judicial district attorney Dan may would not elaborate on the relationship between crystal and Patrick. He says crystal will be sentenced after Patrick's cases heard.

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