Quin Snyder, Russell Westbrook, MVP discussed on Mickstape: The Barstool Basketball Podcast


I don't get it that team has a lot and i we were lower on them coming into the season but once we saw the first month it was like oh yeah this works they're going to just keep cruising and they have negative dantonio if you wanna give dantonio coach of the year i'm all all in on that that's quin snyder is award under seven seed quin snyder huysman a six russell westbrook was mvp that defrayed bring him kinda my point for ad like the second buggy went down it was like oh yeah this guy like people people already didn't have them in the playoffs before the season he didn't he would like rustling did it because he got the triple double bright ease fantastic season's going to be like i team all defense but it's not triple double by is not as catchy and you know the vp's forty percent narrative if if not more westbrook's was ninety five percent narrative and i'm not saying like they're all ninety five so i was forty percent at worst and i was fine with westbrook winning at last year just because the whole revenge factor against katie like eighty didn't have any sort of narrative coming into the season like we end zach hopper in here i think i was the only one of the three of us to have them even like as like the eight or seven seat them in because i think it's a to push portland out for i think.

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