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To share with you this weekend. Three months ago, WTO's Neil augenstein was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. And it looks like things are working out well. This is the first CT scan I've had since I started treatment three months ago. My targeted therapy is just one pill a day at home. The scans showed the lesions in my lungs are shrinking and that the cancer hasn't spread any place else. I'm feeling great. My nagging cough is gone, which was the only symptom that led me to get screened for cancer in the first place. From here a CT scan every three months to monitor the progress in my lungs and keep ahead of any spread elsewhere. It seems we can take home tonight at 6 54. I'm Richard McCann, your home improvement guru, my very, very old house needs some new windows. So I figured out a price amount. First, I called one of the biggest window companies in the country. I said, all I need is ten Windows. They said no problem. We can take care of that. After the discount, they wanted $25,000 for ten Windows. So I called them a buddy of mine who runs a window and siding company. I said, how much for ten Windows? He goes the best window I've got. I can do that. For 11,000. That's a big price difference. Then I talked to a buddy of mine who has a handyman. Just replaced every window in his house 14 windows for $5000. What am I saying? Price out. Think about what you can afford and what you actually need. And that way it won't be too much of a sticker shock. Check out original home guru dot com. I'm Richard McCann, and I am your home proven guru. Muddy news at 25 and 55 brought to you by

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