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Eight text in Phoebe, thanks for the Dan Amora synopsis. I had no idea. What is about? I was fascinated. I went to school in upstate New York. I did as well. That's actually called the Clinton correctional facility is not in Clinton. No, that's where I went to school Clinton, New York Hamilton college. But look. If I don't want to overstate it here. But I you know, me lightning. Unfortunately, Jared Jared in studio to Jared knows. I'm gonna go third person on your USO, Honey, turnoff, Alexa. If you're at home because she can't since when VP locks in on something he logs in on something it shows in particular. So one of the shows that I absolutely loved couple of years ago. Now our year ago now was that man on Yuna bomber thought man was that good? This is that good. It's it's fantastic. Gotta check it out. I'm telling you if you're into if you're into that Kuhnen series, which I didn't I didn't have time at the time. So I didn't get to watch that. But if you liked. Was the McConnell? Hey, one true detective. Very similar Felix up. This really did happen. And we all know the case, you remember, I told you a little while ago about that one in Pennsylvania that four part series at HBO did on the Bank robbery with a guy the thing around his neck, and ultimately exploded that was really good while the this is all of that. It's just excellent. I'm only two we're all only two episodes in on it. But man escape at Dan more on Showtime for what it's worth, I'm I'll give a quick plug but talking to that prison guard. I'd love to know what corrections officers the Patricia Arquette character is just unbelievable. It's unbelievable. Like does that? But it I mean, it must is the point. So there you go on that for what it's worth in that intro that lightning just played coming back. You heard a lot of voices that you may. Or may not recognize there was a laugh there that happened to be SpongeBob squarepants. There was a second voicing. Something about SpongeBob. Patrick star. I believe. There was a come to Papa in there that would be plankton specifically Sheldon j plankton if you know this show. So those are all characters from SpongeBob squarepants the reason why point that out is. Sadly yesterday. The creator of SpongeBob squarepants Stephen Helensburgh passed away. I believe at the age of fifty six he had a less, and that's one of those things, man. We've got a cure that we gotta find a way because. Fifty six years young guy and just add they had announced earlier this summer that he had a ls. And he was the way the announcement was done made it sound like he wasn't doing very well. And it turns out he wasn't and he passed away. Anyway. So we were talking about this this morning. When we came in after we sat in traffic for an hour and a half lining. Jared year one of the bosses here, you gotta you gotta do something about that. I don't know we talk to Charlie get someone on traffic because it sucks coming in, man. I went to ways, and they laughed. It was like I got this laughter voice back like, you're not there's no there's no getting around it. So we just sat in it. Anyway, when we got in. We were starting to talk about SpongeBob. Just because Lightnings a kid for those that don't know lightning lightning is either eighty eight years old or she's eight years old. She's either a grandmother or a child there's no in between with our and the child but in new admissions, right lightning true. I'm saying she split personality. There's two of her. It's either the child or it's the grandmother, Emma. Gemini, so she came in is a grandmother and said, oh, good morning VP. And then she put a corn Muffin. She got me. A corn Muffin today. Lovett. She put it down in front of you put a napkin down and then put the corn Muffin on the napkin. And then I thought she was actually gonna appeal. The thing, you know, like, that's Graham lightning. Then when she sat down she said, that's such sad news about Stephen Hillenbrand ride. She didn't know that. I would know that was and I did. And so we got to talking about SpongeBob. Lightning loves SpongeBob. Squarepants? And as we were talking about it. We I started to theorize in my head. And I got the wondering the creation that he did SpongeBob is SpongeBob on the mount Rushmore of cartoon characters. Did he did he make that jump? I actually pulled this at v the wise a little bit before the show. It's up right now. Did you put this one up at ARCO dot com? Lightning. I assume you did does SpongeBob squarepants that one character not all of them. Does he belong on the mount Rushmore of cartoon characters? And I want to kick this around a little bit Jared's in here. Because one of the things you don't know about Jared is the Jared is a big comic book guy. Uber. Geek, he's a guy in. So he's going to have some thoughts on this. I think I don't know that you're a SpongeBob fan, particularly. But you might have a view as to who does belong in the mount Rushmore of cartoon. In characters. Yes. I predate SpongeBob a little bit. So doesn't hold a special place in my heart. I don't again, I I was never SpongeBob up until so for the first twelve years of SpongeBob. He meant nothing to me second my daughter came into this world. And then about two years later. She started watching SpongeBob. And now we're all in on it, incidentally, sixty fifty eight percent of you. It'd be be the wise thing that SpongeBob does not does not go on the mount Rushmore of cartoon characters. So then who does I'd say fifty eight percent plus one over here. All right. So here's what I want six one seven two six six six eight six let's lighten it up a little bit here. If SpongeBob goes on tell me why. And I can make the case if he doesn't belong there. Then tell me the four characters that do go on mount Rushmore that SpongeBob wasn't able to crack. Jared all star. Would you? All right SpongeBob to me is kind of the Carl Malone of cartoons. Had. He not been in there with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. You know, he is out liar. Right. The outliers. The book was so I have to go Pink Panther has to be up there. Johnny quest has to be up there. Johnny quest on the money. Yes. The these by slash adventure. Kid of all adventure kids. I wouldn't put Fred Flintstone up there. Probably I would probably go Homer Simpson over Bart Simpson. Although I I dunno now you've touched on something. We might have to be in a gradient thing. Are we talking? It's time this week. First time this week lightning. Actually, put up her finger like hold on. Yet. We've talked about Trump we've talked about border. We've talked about Mazen people. We've talked about opioid lightning. No now. She's put up a finger hole. Double-faults I serve. Okay. Well, obviously. I mean, we all know who the grandfather of cartoons is. I mean, really come on. Have body. I mean, come on Mickey Mouse, Nikki on their. Yeah. Be number one. I mean, obviously he is. My absolute favorites is my number one. The reason why I go back and forth on SpongeBob is what you just said is. I don't think you can put SpongeBob and a Simpson on there. That's I. But maybe I'm wrong in that. Because Fred Flintstone while Fred had a good run. It's Fred a bigger character than SpongeBob. I don't think so at this point in time. But I I know I don't think so. Well, that's like saying is is Eisenhower better. It's like more important. John. Yes. You'd it's tough to do. I get it. But the episode where he accidently took Betis engagement ring. And they thought it was lost. That was fantastic. The episode where SpongeBob actually was plankton and plankton was Bob though. I mean, oh, man. Are you kidding me? Just phenomenal two good movies too. While one good movie sponge out of water. I thought was really good the first one I didn't like as much, but they got a new one coming out. I think it's twenty twenty lightning. It's gonna be a. A wonderful life. It's a sponge. It's a once a sponge life or something like that. Full would be the punk you something like that. Yes. And I'm going to soak it up just like that. But he so who's the four that go on the cartoon character? Mount Rushmore in does SpongeBob in honor of the passing of SpongeBob creator. Does spongebob. Go up there. I don't think Fred Flintstones on their Jared. I'm sorry. I don't why Mr. hate America. Jeez. Well, I'll tell you gotta break when we come back. I'll tell you who I'm putting on definitively, and I'm still debating that fourth one. And then you tell me where I'm right and where I'm wrong, and who you think should and shouldn't be on their six one seven two six hundred sixty eight sixty eight we'll take some calls. We're just talking cartoons. We're kicking around on Wednesday afternoon right here on AM six eighty wer kale every weekday.

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