Bischoff, Rousseau, Mcmahon discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard - Episode 51: Vince Russo in the WWE


Whole idea and heavier bischoff in well no and he did he he went over i tried to cushion and i tried to get in before so that he didn't just read it and go off on rousseau and tried to just say hey you know what and something different were doing something different but that part rousseau would never know that's something the rousseau never believed because he wants to believe his own narrative because he got yelled at that day well eventually rousseau at right that little by little he was given more opportunities he says the first auriol breakout opportunity is when mcmahon asked him to start rotting some of the promos uh that the boys would do to help sell tickets for upcoming house shows uh he says are more or less became the voice of many wgbf superstar from the smoking guns to browse heart kevin nashed some of the guys use must off others didn't but it was a great learning process from there under the tutelage of the great jack lanza a former deputy of superstar i began to produce the boys as well i can remember spending upon our upon our helping sean waldman aka x pocked with his promos later sean would finally hit his stride but in those days out sh um do you remember rousseau working with and how do you think he did at this when he was i can't get in his feet wet in this aspect of business when we i threw him into just trying to right the promos everything was during the south sincere and and uh t all hopper all that the gun that fraga and in help out with some of those vignettes and say okay you know you're rider here right some stuff and while at tv he didn't have a whole lot to do it tv so she either rider let him right something for some of the talent that are not that good with gift to gap.

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