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People's sensitivity Audrey Morton, NewsRadio seven forty K, Terry. Oh, women have always had this sensitivity. Men. Don't have to worry that dimples. If that if that Avon add his body, shaming the water, plastic surgeons do every day, they're in the business, buddy. Shamming? No, I guess so right. I mean, we're going to take it to that level. Even the word sag as a bad word. You heard the way she said. Oh heavens. You know? I've never met a man yet. He had to worry about cellulite. It is now seven oh, eight major league baseball hall of fame class. Twenty nineteen scheduled to be announced today, and it appears there won't be any Astra's on the list. Early return suggests that pitchers Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte are gonna fall short reports also suggesting Lance Berkman and ROY Oswald are struggling to get the five percent of those needed to even remain on the ballot. The hall of fame class of twenty nine thousand nine is going to be revealed at five PM this evening. Our time and the Houston Rockets stumbled in Philly they lost to the Sixers won twenty one ninety three. They're going to be a New York to face the Knicks tomorrow night, you're gonna always catch all your rockets action on sports talk seven ninety. I'm sheriff Ryan Houston's news, weather and traffic station. Newsradio seven forty KTAR h. Houston's morning news continues with Jimmy Barrett and share a fryer nine here in Houston's morning news. He wanted to move this country. She said all right. I'll go along with it. But. I want to be within ten minutes of a what a burger. And.

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