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Populates this industry these news. Just come out in the last half hour or so and ryan sending along the announcement of couple of inductions to the joe hirsch media roll of honour at the hall and two very familiar names One a little in the past one. Still current tab is been added to the meteorology. Honor the joe hirsch and congratulations. Ninety four now is pab. And of course french born and raised and You know his his work Started out in in french publications before reaching these shores and Started in As a staffer. I'm sure when we talked to Steve asking on thursday civil talk about Have started in nineteen fifty five in the morning. Telegraph and anybody. i mean. obviously of a h. i. Anybody living that that's ever bought a racing for at one time or another. I've got boxes of big day racing forms with with the drawings it there the the whimsical wonderful Have artwork really a fabulous inclusion into the media wing of the hall. So congratulations to have. The other name came up just the other day just last week the lack and i and i'm sort of surprised that i didn't realize that leg it wasn't already in The jewish wing of of the hall. I brought up leg last week. When when dick allen passed. And in fact i sent that remarkable nineteen sixty four legged preseason end end of spring training article. That was just amazing. The names that were involved. The other rookies like like both tony. Leyva and tony clinically. Ero and i. It's just amazing. It focused on on dick allen and leg it for those that don't realize was from saratoga born and raised in saratoga and i reached out to When when When last week when when dick allen passed that and i reached out to a couple of different a couple of different directions for sports writers white kind of it hoped had had made cross paths with with legged and didn't wasn't able to make that happen but i knew that i knew that he started at sports illustrated In fact i had a conversation when i said sent that article to girardi and and he said that he was somewhat surprised that that that they had given legged that he had written matt baseball piece. You know that if first and foremost On the turf riding circuit And i guess. I guess whitney tower. You probably answer this too. I guess whitney tower. I guess they overlapped right. They must've overlapped at sports illustrated. Anyway bill legged added to the joe media the joe hirsch media wing of the hall and tower certainly in their boy. It's been ten years. This'll be this will be Ten years ten classes. Steve crystal neck red smith early hatton. Ross harris joe palmer j hubby whitney tower. Andy buyer kent hollingsworth. Georgia'll january's jim. Murray steve asking raleigh boroughs. Mary jean wall. Jim mckay mike beach jack. Whitaker barney nagler. Joe bertram tom and charlies canty and bleat read and now had and pretty distinct pretty good. Can't think of got to think about who else there's more there's there's every they'll be able to come up with a couple of others Anyway so there you go We will come back with the more tomorrow including todd pletcher. Andy stirling steve anderson and more fun morning and wanna thank powell for the hong kong. Recap danny guardian tax duke matisse john coby hernandez gulag if you're planted. Everybody talk to you tomorrow..

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