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Lists and always excites me when you put one together. It's it doesn't surprise me that you were wrong and a lot of these There are some that. I think we're very good takes. I love the fred war addition to the top. Then i agree that his his impact has been incredible. And i think he's worthy of being in this in this list. I think he got. Tom brady about nine spots off. I'd put tom brady number one. And here's why is i know. I know that you want to undervalue the impact. That a quarterback has a whole team. Because of course why. Why would you want the quarterback to impact the whole team. But what. Tom was able to do in tampa bay and bring them to the super bowl and win the super bowl. It's it's it's amazing. And i didn't think he could do it. I underestimated him and and and he did it. And that's why. I'd put him at one. Put the quarterbacks one two and three i'd have mahomes to have aaron rodgers at three and then for me. I'd i'd move aaron donald four and derrick henry two to five. I think you made a mistake. By by not including adams He's got a higher percentage than hopkins those his numbers were were pretty staggering last year and had been staggering over time. And it's not like he's always been a second thread where they couldn't couldn't concentrate and try to take them away and i actually had kelsey a little bit higher. I had more at seven than than eight because again. His catch percentage is is ridiculous. I think it's like seventy seven percent in his career. I don't know where that ranks him all time. What it's gotta be it's gotta be up in the top four five percent ever so so. I like that you know with the other players. I think you can go either way. There's a lot of guys that could slide in out of of the top ten. Tj wide. You can make an argument for and then you know i. It was nice. He did a nice job. You d did some good things. But obviously the biggest mistakes where he put braided. Okay so let me just address that row. Quick before we go wild. I because i don't wanna hear on kate non brady not hating brady giving braiding remember. Take him on this list. Yeah oh. I'm sorry i'll i did. I had him above russell wilson. Who's better than him. I had above lamar jackson. Who's better than him. I above josh. Allen who just had a far better year than him because at this point i just like you're right like i have to under. There's something metaphysical with tom. That i can't quantify some folks would say. I prefer my quarterback not throw three second-half interceptions in the conference championship game. But it doesn't matter for him so he like there's so i mean giving him credit wild but having a moghadam mahomes in coach. Too much goes. It's no use of worms for you. Prefer your quarterback with one super bowl ring. I prefer my quarterback. Okay all a lifetime. Achievement list last year is gonna pile on the brady thing. I'm gonna give you now. I'm going to give you an out if lebron one and out all of a sudden became free-agent. I'm just gonna putting world. Switch it up for you. Lebron became a free agent. And say you know what i'm gonna sign with the pelicans we would all you know what pelicans chance to win the nba championship like nick wide. The pelicans while he affects the game he affects the game on offense. He affects the tone of the team. He affects a championship mentality. That they're missing. He makes everyone better. Watch how good. Zion gets with him. That's exactly what tom brady does. And you give lebron all the credit for doing that stuff. But tom brady went to a team. That was seven nine and next know. They're winning the super bowl. So why don't you apply the same boat status that you give to brady or excuse me that you give to lebron give it to brady to. That's a nice little like all your just stopping. I do apply. This aimed goat status. Brady is the greatest quarterback ever but that is not a contemporaneous ranking. And i don't know what the lebron comp aub the previous year going out in the first round of the playoffs on a pick six against ryan tannehill would be basketball. But if that's what. Lebron had come from iran was like well regarded as the eighteenth best player in the sport and then winning a championship with the pelicans he would go back into the top ten would he be number one. I don't know but this is their only to other quarterbacks on the list. I have brady russell's down there. Josh sounds on their lamar's bakers on there. I kind of wanted to put justin harbored on there. Just watch coaches head explode. I need for seven years before drill. But i didn't i pulled and his black magic on the list and i think you'll be even better this year because if you saw the equipment not the manager. The ballboy is his son and we know. It's very important for tom. The balls prepared exactly the way he wants them. So i assume son will help them with that and you got the whole thing going for him but i in ten is as hard as i can go as high as i can go wild too much trying to get. You kicked him credited. For for the impact that he has a new organization actually was ranked fourteenth on this list last season. And that was his lowest ranking. He's twenty eleven. So both the players and nick how there so there's something all right we gotta head to. Chicago bears or sticky. I got you nick. Rare seems to be sticking with any dolphin. They making a big mistake. Big huge leaving. Justin feels on the sideline discuss next. Same is justin feels should be on the field. Did their back here. First things first with coachman jeanie and brandon flowers joining us. Now guys. let's to chicago where the bears have a decision to make a quarterback. They got the veteran. Andy dalton who looked on. I'll say it pretty awful on saturday against the bills. He struggled just drives together throughout the first half. I listen i can say my words. That's what i thought. Justin fields came on for his work. He looked better times. Here's head coach. Matt nagy matt nagy after preseason games to the state of his quarterbacks this stock of andy for us is going to be. Something for us is is seeing what he does during the season. You know that that's how we got. We got to be able to see what. What can you do during the season with this team. And with with these guys that has been our plan. This whole entire time At the same point in time we also need to evaluate and see. We're just that and what he can do and again. He's doing everything that we're asking him to do. He's he's doing great so I think it's a good situation for us. And i understand. I've truly understand the. I don't know what the word would be but the want to for people to want to see more justin and all that i get that but we also understand where we're at and and how with the true plan is and and all we can do is ask justin keep playing and he's doing it and andy to keep playing nikki point. Let's take a look the numbers this preseason for both guys dalton and for fields just that one touchdown pass for each fields. Though you know he's got that added running dimension to his game. Nick let me start with you. What do you make of nagy sticking with andy dalton as the bear starting quarterback.

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